Salem 350.000 dmg (500hits, 22 fires set, 4 kills) || World of Warships

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  1. Sooooooooo many times he could have switched to AP… idk how people forget about the autobounce angles on American cruisers…

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +ZachDaKilla No, 203 mm rounds do NOT overmatch the bow armor of the Mino. The overmatch mechanics are as following: to find what armor thickness your AP rounds overmatch you divide your gun caliber with 14,6. So 203/14,6=13. So 203 mm AP rounds overmatch 13 mm of armor. The Mino’s bow has 16 mm of armor. Conclusion: DM AP shells do NOT overmatch the bow armor of the Mino and neither do Zao’s AP shells. Only Henry, Kronstadt, Alasca and Stalingrad (and all BBs) AP shells overmatch the Mino’s bow.

    • +Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας Actually, you are right. I know Mino bow is 16mm but idk why I get huge hits on bow on Minos with Zao AP. (203mm guns have 14mm overmatch)

    • +Jojo Divas yes, they are the only exception apart from British DDs, CLs, and American CAs. She is so far the only American Battlecruiser introduced so we may or may not see future American Battlecruisers have improved pen angles.

    • ZachDaKilla ah ok ok. Thanks for the info. No wonder when I first faced an Alaska on my Lyon, I was hit with 10k salvo by Alaska and eventually died and was shocked for a moment there. Would really love to add her on my port for battles. But am broke T-T

    • +Jojo Divas Lol, who wouldnt want her in their collection? Rip u that ur broke, but so am I (although I have far more expensive premiums than actual tech tree ships lol).

  2. Obviously, he is using mod, like aslain mod pack zoom 25x

  3. show battle stats ?

  4. Battle results? I’d like to know how much damage through fires he did.

    • Anriandor he made 22 fires. Go to 15:17 you’ll see how much fires and damage he did

    • +Ridge Bolosan the total damage, yes. But if you check the detailed report (3rd tab in end results), you can exactly see how much damage you have done merely through fires. For example, I once set 10 fires in my Brit and got 28k damage just from burning ships.

  5. Y las estadísticas? Saludos desde buenos Aires. Argentina

  6. so many noobs around. if usual random, he could be sunk at the beginning.

  7. Why did he refuse to switch to AP, in some of the most critical moments.. That could have been a easy Win!

    • +Russian Bias always protect. He may not be unicum, he isnt a bad player neither. People always see the empty glass. There are no perfect game, there are no perfect player, stats don’t tell much.

    • Russian Bias always protect.

      +Pio You are absolutely right. But I am a person, who especially look at stats, so 4 me he isn’t very good player 😛 But, as I said before, it’s true – I simply love stats comparicion.

    • +Russian Bias always protect. Dont look at mine you will get a headach 🙂 More seriously, everything is relative. If a guy has 53 WR, it”s not impressive right ! But if 95% of player base are below 53 WR, can’t we say it’s not so bad ? 🙂

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +Pio On the contrary! Stats always tell everything and they never lie. You just have to know how to interpret those numbers correctly.

    • +Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας Exactly, raw numbers never lie, interpretation is another story. Kalimera!

  8. That enemy Montana’s play was embarrassing

  9. Montana just fired HE at him?!?

  10. Nice to see the Virgin, firing her guns at least in virtual reality. All of the rest of the completed Baltimore hulls that were commissioned used their guns at some point in anger. The other 2 in this sub class fired in Viet Nam.

  11. why not give salem a legendary module?

  12. why in binocular mode he can deeply zoom in?

  13. And he just rams himself to death xD

  14. Why ram at the end? I don’t see results but points were 629 vs 780 so he lost. Team with highest points wins if last 2 ships kill each other, correct me if I’m wrong.
    Plus as mentioned below, many time he didn’t use AP, but easy to look back and say this and that I guess.
    To me his entire game was ME ME ME based, nothing towards the team goal, so standard random I guess /shrug.

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