SALEM AA goes HAM || World of Warships

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  1. That was the most mentally handicapped enemy aircraft carrier in the existence of the game.

  2. That and the ammo choices were actually frustrating me. Broadside Montana at 10km, fires HE. Donskoi running tail on fires AP….. like wtf?

  3. what an angel cv

  4. Is the Salem a premium earner? I’ve been gone 4 months,I’m behind on the state of things.

  5. Enemy carrier should have learned after the initial fighter losses, even with approximately 100 plane hangar capacity you can still run out. Also the ammunition choices perplexed me too. Not the best at hitting targets, but that can be worked on and I’m sure he’ll improve it.

  6. The world’s dumbest carrier. Just fly squadron after squadron right over a tier X US cruiser.

  7. i’ve only run into 1 CV player that let me murder that many planes. and i was in my NC at the time.

  8. Plane denial bully.

  9. Welll….. thats one way to complete the yamamoto challenge……

  10. Plane killer ever.

  11. Aleykum selam panzeer çok seviyorum seni boyle devam ben türkiyeliyim

  12. Enemy in front showing broadside
    Him: Let’s look at the planes first before I shoot!
    LOL, dude wtf!

  13. Максим Шишлов

    This fight is not about skill, or good positioning, or hardcarrying. It’s just about typical random 48-52% Salem and typical stupid aircraft carrier.


  15. cv player put a japaness commander in the midway
    and japaness love banzai …
    another yamamoto 🙂

  16. What frustated me the most was the enemy not firing at him when he just stop and showing that big ass broadside and the donskoi decided to “nah, let me shoot at this bow on BB and ignore that less than 10km broadside stationary cruiser” like seriously, WTF?

  17. 13 mins of camping… g g

  18. when I use the salem I have a shield against airplanes because nobody comes near me 10 km away

  19. That’s my clan mate on the team with his Dimitri Donskoi!

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