Salem thought the middle – World of Warships

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Knocking snowflakes off my ships, Salem s turn came and looky looky, its 2 Brothers with perfect spawn.

Ofc we went thought the middle 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I think we needed to find 10 teammates to play this game happily

  2. brilliant put the fun back in the game

  3. 2:47 Something i never suspected to hear from Flambino to Trenlass (or any others for that matter)

  4. LOL Trenlass “Je m’appelle Reload Booster! … Oooohh! Penetration!”

  5. I should think that by now if you’re playing on 2 brothers and see Mr G, Trenlass and Flambass in a division you do know it’s going to be a push through the middle and yet somehow, the enemy team is always taken by surprise.

  6. to be honest, it’s not about the gameplay. It’s only about the voice comms of this toxic team 🙂

  7. This has to be the most entertaining Div that’s playing WoWs.

  8. Just watching you 3 playing is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 just love the banter

  9. just love the intensive when 3 plyers know how to play this game and work together

  10. Saurabh Singh Makrahi

    Mr. G is the Jeremy Clarkson of WoW 😂

  11. Ahh, memories of years gone when I still played WoWs and I mained RU DDs because I’m some sort of masochist. Games could still be fun until I ran into some sniper with a Bourgogne and RIP.

  12. and then there’s always a guy, far behind still on spawn, doing nothing except spamming “Well done!”

  13. 3:10 “can you at least wait until we have finished this battle”

    Ah yes… diaphragm… forgot you were there xD

  14. You guys are simply the most fun watching WoW videos!

  15. You three together is such great content!

  16. 5:50
    “I’m turning 180”

    “I’m turning 180 too!”

    “You’re turning 182???”

  17. One of the best ships for that push on twin Bros!

  18. Calico Jack Rackham

    Best Two Brothers Ever! The Old Man needs to see this one.

  19. “A” Division made me think of “A” team, with MrG becoming MrT 😉

  20. A little Salem thinks about the middle and says, “today is the day”

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