Salem WITCH HUNT! HALLOWEEN SHIPS! World Of Warships Gameplay

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World Of Warships – Eerie Events: Rise of the Phantom Fortress News –

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  1. can we pay as this ship

  2. Is this event only for NA?

  3. Le Petit MangaStars

    Queens of the stone edge – burn the witch ! this music and this video
    perfect !

  4. I literally just fought you

  5. Why is this “event” only on the NA-server ??? :-(

  6. if i got 6 kills i would be hyped up and start dancing…. i wonder if they
    would add Bismark as well.

  7. They shall the beheaded horseman Yamato!!

  8. Has no one noticed that the Salem is a Cleveland with different armament
    set up?

  9. She turned me into a Newt…. I played against the PHNTM carrier couple of
    times on the 20th…. I wonder if it was you. ah well, I will be gunnin’
    for whoever now.

  10. he apologizes for his voice in every video lol

  11. this ship is a joke it’s like shooting babies :p

  12. Phly you’re driving me crazy. A splice is when you connect two pieces of
    rope. You are STRADDLING the ship when you hit on either side of it.

  13. I faced up against one of these in my myogi and my team killed the witch
    and I didn’t get any reload

  14. Kerspaprog Balceram

    phly the whole team that wins against those ships gets the reward, not just
    the single player. So although you did get killed by another salem, that
    whole team still got the prize.

  15. played against a phantom earlier today.
    Said which ever team won got the reward.
    we won, didn’t get anything.

  16. Actually whichever team gets the win gets the prize. That’s why the other
    Salem Witch sank you.

  17. And what do we burn apart from witches? MORE WITCHES!!

  18. Awesome 😀 havent seen one in game yet. Oh how cool would it be if they
    made the ships ghostly, 50% transparent and all glowie

  19. this is sick… setting out tier10 against poor tier 4s…

  20. Douche move from the first Salem tho, but it is to be expected


  22. Omg I PLAYED WITH YOU IN GAME I didn’t know that you were phly :oo

  23. Hey Phly I think you should play with the Alt battle interface setting on,
    so you don’t have to keep hitting alt, it’s what I do and it helps a lot

  24. Salem witch trials

  25. That music tho

  26. so how the hell do I get that thing, or is it only for youtubers

  27. Cool ship man

  28. ducks float, so does wood. Wood must then weigh as much as a duck. Witches
    burn and so does wood. So if Phly weighs as much as a duck that means he’s
    made of wood. Therefore he’s a witch!!!

  29. I wish they also added the Yuudachi DD, which some have called the
    “Nightmare of Solomon.” A fitting name for Halloween special ship. Pls
    Wargaming, make it happen, just make it so Yuudachi gets spotted at ranges
    a cruiser or even a BB does.

  30. my birth day is the 27th and happy birthday to everyone ho has a birth day
    this moth

  31. You know its strange when your reading a book about salem in the Crucible
    and someone makes a video related to it. Im on Act 2 now.

  32. Should’ve play Witch hunt By Rush

  33. 3spooky5me

  34. You know what would be the ultimate scary ship? A 100 gun Man-o-War with
    torn sails and moldy woodwork.

  35. I fought one of those!

  36. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    This game is now complete

  37. that witch really knows how to strike.(I feel like my reference is really
    far out there.)

  38. 2spooky4me :)

  39. 2spooky4me

  40. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    Drink the beer Radegast (czech) and drive out the Chester “Molester” for
    some good old beers and boats! :D

  41. too bad here in Asia server we dont get those ships, but a good sale or a
    premium ship will arrive soon

  42. where did he gets these

  43. Frick all the people that have these. They aren’t fun to fight against.

  44. So if she weighs the same as… then….

  45. I like the ghost off the stern of the ship; coming up behing the mountain
    on the island.

  46. Witches be bitches.

  47. You know the Des Moines class cruiser that is a museum ship is the USS
    Salem, right?

  48. Dropped the ball not having The Grey Ghost.

  49. I just got a triple ace in war thunder arcade dam

    with the fw a-4 and 1

  50. It would be cool to see a bunch of zombie ships that look like wrecks that
    have been raised from the bottom of the sea. They could call it the Monster
    Mash event lol.

  51. prize ?

  52. Barbier Pierre-Louis Barbier

    Yeaaaah, you have to pay for an event so coooooooool !

  53. sail the Aleigh Burke next

  54. moooooore :3

  55. fuck your mid video ads

  56. Xylophones are just 2 sp00ky
    best song ever.

  57. Background music is perfect

  58. I wish the battle would be during night time

  59. Earning the reward is not contingent upon destroying the special ships. If
    your team wins, you get the much-deserved prize!

    Random PvP Battles onlyTeams with the ‘boss’ ships will have fewer allies
    (this is intentional)Reward: box o’ goodies — Signal Flags!
    10x Equal Speed Charlie London
    10x Zulu
    10x Hotel Yankee
    10x India Bravo Terrathree

  60. IV Des Moines!!!!?????

  61. Payton Smith (DuckyonQuack)

    Spooky scary skeletons lol

  62. LOL why just why didn’t you use your OP radar consumable i think IChase
    said it showed all players in like 20 km xD

    It sucks it is only US for now… :(


  64. We get a “Phantom Fortress” as an aircraft carrier and yet no “Grey Ghost”?

  65. people will tell stories of facing the horror that is… The Salem Witch

  66. that is so op its not even funny. feeling sorry for the guys in the game

  67. Why don’t I have this, I’m on the NA server?

  68. Creepy Productions

    So the prize is just more useless flags, and the only people that can pilot
    the Salem are popular youtubers or people with connections. Combined with
    how so much relies on RNG and how the grind gets utterly moronic by Tier V,
    it’s no wonder so few people make it to Tier X. I’m not sure how much
    longer WoWS will last, it’s turning into WoWP.

    Especially with their insane premium currency prices and heavily priced
    premium vehicles. If you want to spend money and have fun in a F2P, Armored
    Warfare is definitely the way to go at the moment. They’re just doing
    everything better, from prices to gameplay.

  69. lol near the end when phly took out that bb his secondarys were the ones to
    finish the job not his primarys

  70. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Also for Germany?

  71. Ivanoff Gorvoviche “Boris” Slavoslavavich

    So, what’s the prize if someone kills a Salem?

  72. Are these ships just random or what?

  73. phly your voice is fab :3

  74. i believe its not by who kills the ship. the whole team gets the prize if
    they either defeat the phantom or they defend the phantom on their team
    go to
    for info


  76. angry_mike_riley_26

    what days do u stream holmes

  77. o7 phly good vid

  78. Have you ever heard of overpenetrations?

  79. Does this last through Halloween? I don’t remember if you said…

  80. Phly try a teaspoon of honey every now and a again, good for your throat.

  81. That is one of the coolest paint jobs ever

  82. They should do a ghost ship for Halloween maybe a fallen warrior in the

  83. I read the tittle as Salem with Chunt and was worried

  84. Spooky scary skeleton

  85. Larry Ilyushin (LarryIlyushinTV)

    10:00 citadel confirmed deilluminati

    …so many citadels is this witchcraft?

  86. Of course you enjoyed it, you’re a tX in a tIV game. It’s way too OP for
    you to play as try hard as you were, that’s why the first guy killed you.
    The ship wasn’t given to you so you could go around seal clubbing, you’re
    supposed to derp about and make the event enjoyable for the OTHER players.

  87. it would be cool if the only way to hurt the Salem is to set it on fire

  88. how to cook cereal

    1 cup of cereal
    1 cup of milk
    1 cup of bowl

  89. earlier videos:” i would call myself a below-average player.” This video:
    “6 kills!, thats my average.” Me: “i would kill for that average”

  90. TheHardstyleMusicz

    How do you get this update?

  91. i live in Salem sweden lol

  92. She sure is pretty!

  93. Burn the Witch!

  94. potato master 2000

    spooky scary skeleton

  95. 2 spooky 5 u!

  96. Phly I’m a big fan of your vids. I have a question for you, what is your
    LEAST favourite ship in the game? Can you play a game or two in it?

  97. Well, guess I’m not going to sleep for another 20 mins or so…

  98. The Salem is slower than a snail with crutches like holy shit i thought i
    had the video speed on 1/2 or something damn.

  99. Haven’t got the update yet ;-;

  100. Phly learning spanish, niceee!!
    Pd: greetings, from your subs from spain



  103. Bismarck ghost ship would be really cool, they could make the model look
    all rusty as if its been under water for a long time

  104. You are amazing

  105. Dev is on! With Brits!

  106. The music is cool

  107. Is this coming to the EU server?

  108. i cant use these ships i dont have the update :o

  109. YO WHAT UP

  110. GlisteningKintamas

    Wow phly I came here to see some cool gameplay not have a heart attack

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