Salt Lake City – T6 US Heavy Cruiser WIP || World of Warships

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  1. Farming T5s witn 8in guns hnnngngg

  2. Nice, Pepsicola now is “Salt” 😛

  3. Hey Panzer, any idea when Worcester will start testing?

  4. Still Pensacola

  5. Cleveland to Tier8 is a joke. Better have some buffs.

  6. SAD

  7. My home! 😀

  8. Seems as underwhelming as before, honestly it seems like Russian bias in annoyed US and Britain made 8 in cruisers, UK does not get them, US has crap ones Japan suuuper slow turrets. Russia? 6 in rail guns that the US could only dream of

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Russian cruisers are glass cannons with terrible steering though. Yeah their guns are no joke, but they get nerfed on other aspects. US cruisers are heavily-reliant to islands to launch their catapults unharmed while Japanese cruiser guns are almost battleship-like that can penetrate battleship citadel at close range so the slow turrets make sense.

  9. Armoured Wargames

    So is this ship getting its name changed to Pensacola or is it staying the SLC?

    • I hope Wargaming keeps the name as Salt Lake City. The Salt Lake has a pretty interesting history and survived two atomic blasts. And Utah doesn’t get that much of attention like the other states.

    • I’d know. I live in the namesake city of this ship

    • It better stay the same. I’ll get pissed if they don’t keep it.

    • It was stated numerous times, that the new names are only place holders for testing purposes, so that people don’t get confused with 2 ships with the same name but at 2 different tiers, once the ships are introduced to the masses they will be renamed … SLC = Pensacola, Columbia = Cleveland, Pittsburgh = Baltimore etc etc.

  10. Hmm, how many points did that cpt have? No CE or AFT??

  11. Mmmh ja schön toll schaut das Schiff aus….Ein paar Eckdaten wären aber bei weitem Sinnvoller gewesen! So wie es alle anderen auch machen.

  12. Compared to Aoba, SLC has 10 tubes to Aoba’s 6, and apparently has decent AA for tier 6, which the Aoba does not. The Aoba does have rather nice torps, but the firing angles are…not great.
    The hull is still the same old Pepsi, so don’t show your side…and at tier 6, you’ll meet the Lyon, which can obliterate you in one salvo.

  13. Pensacola to tier 6? Nice! Now if they would just move Izumo to tier 3

  14. changing the name huh? but couldnt change the fact that it is still a shitty pepsicola

  15. such a cool thing PK keeping us up on good replays – sure have enjoyed the production levels of this channel. hope it will stay

  16. This Trajectory is totally bullshit…….792m/s muzzle velocity is totally garbage. With the existing 853m/s I can still play in a T8 game. But this 792m/s is …….I don’t know what to say. WG are you serious? If it’s for the balance issue, I prefer to have the old 15.8km concealment and I an still play as an T6 Hindenburg.

  17. Gareth Fairclough

    Something off with the sound here. Some are crazy loud, but others are near slient.

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