Santa Containers 2021 — Opening 140 on Rogue’s EU Account — World of Warships

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Time to get Rogue some new Toys!
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North American Server – World of Warships for FREE – Use this link and get 2 FREE premium ships just for playing!

European Union Server – World of Warships for FREE – Use this link and get 2 FREE premium ships just for playing!


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  1. Public transparent drop rates and no hidden short list. Pretty good event

  2. If you want to make another video of you guys opening a bunch more containers, I’ll lend you my account. 😉

  3. what do you mean sad i got napoli , anshan ,west virginia and hood from 20 mega and got champagne from 1 baby container and napoli came first out of my 2nd container

  4. I opened 20 santa containers the baby ones and I got 30 days premium, california and sims.

  5. Haven’t done badly with Santa containers this year. I got Tier5 Okhotnik in my very first container from Friday night’s charity Stream. I have bought about 18 Mega Containers and have Tier 8 Z35 and Tier 7 Poltava (there may be another which escapes my mind) plus Coal, Doubs and all the special flags.

    Black Friday was even nicer, having bought my way to Dunkerque B and buying the Jean Bart B, I bought about 20 Premium Containers (+ others in game) and got T10 Yoshino B, T9 Alaska B, T8 Loyang B, T8 Atago B, T7 Atlanta B and T7 Sims B. As I already had Atago and Atlanta then I got 5,000 doubs back for completing the missions. Oh forgot to say I also won T8 Graf Zeppelin B and T8 Saipan B but then they’re CV so they don’t really count. LOL

    • Did another 8 Megas and then a 20; yes call me a whale but that is my lot, honest. Between the 2 lots I got myself Hood, Gorizia, Mysore (LOL), Sirocco and Leningrad as well as 5,000 doubloons. I also got a Dunkerque (I got the B on Black Friday so that’s another 1500 doubloons from the mission). Not brilliant as mainly fillers sadly but I have got a good variety of ships so I cannot really complain.

    • OK I couldn’t resist and bought another 8. Couldn’t believe I got 180 Days Premium, Tirpitz and Indianapolis so really chuffed with that: £24 expenditure for £96 worth of goods, albeit digital goods.

  6. Sometimes…. These types of game sure make people flex hard about their RNG or even how deep the pocket is… Thanks Tech for the in-depth roulette review.

  7. I whaled 80 Jumbo and got 18 ships. Good RNG really. 1x tier 5, 4x tier 7, 4x tier 8, 1x tier 9, 2x tier 10. then 6x steel as I had them al.

  8. I bought 8 megas and used tickets to get 7 more. I got the Orkan, the constellation, and the Strasbourg. That said other than the Hayate I have all the T10 and Rare ships. Most of the others as well. So I figure my luck was pretty good.

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