Satsuma Crushes Random Battles But It’s Bad For The Game- World of Warships

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The ranked meta didn’t really suit the Satsuma, but the ultra passive long range random battle meta is perfect. I’ve had some monster games in Satsuma already (I had 6 days of coal so I only just got superships rental). I just think superships are really bad for the high tier meta.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Droid Motorola 388

    This ship when its on the enemy team it crushes my team’s. And when we get the Hannover it always dies quickly.

    Playing my American T9s is impossible around these.

  2. Super ships were never meant for randoms and it shows. They were meant for smaller and kinda unique game mode. Throwing them into randoms was a dumb move, and it is resulting in the player base suffering.
    If anything can be learned from super ships it is this: making bbs bigger won’t solve the issues of constant fires and torp strikes. Bbs, if you want to see them push in, need a faster reloading damage con so they can deal with he spam.

  3. One big reason that ranges are getting longer is because of 30mm overmatch. If an overmatch BB shows up on the flank, that shuts down all cruiser movement and they are naturally forced to play at range just spam HE. If cruisers don’t want to push because of overmatch, they take range mod and then spam HE. Making the side plating of some tier 10 cruisers 32mm will help address that problem and encourage more aggression.

    • Another thing is CV spotting. Back in the day we had Yamato with it’s overmatch, but CVs were very rare. And even then any fragile cruiser had God tier no fly zone AA. DM and mino are nothing what they were back in the day, and it wasn’t a gimmick, but it was necessary.
      A spotted Atlanta or Mino wouldn’t survive for long.
      These days you try to get close to an island with a cruiser and get punished by CVs with bombs or a BB just snipes you across the map because of spotting. And speaking of maps, some maps are just terrible for many cruisers. Crash zone Alpha or Okinawa are nightmares for any light cruiser and you see all of them rushing for that few islands that can’t handle the amount of ships rushing there for that much needed cover.

    • On the other hand back then a ship that was alone could get turned into a kill for the cv within seconds.

    • That’s actually incorrect, 32mm armor would not encourage more aggression. The reason for this is because you’re incorrect about your initial idea that ranges are getting longer due to 30mm overmatch. The reason engagements take place at a longer range has nothing to do with the ships themselves, it’s because of players. You can see that very well between tier V players (who push a lot) and tier X players (who snipe a lot) behaving completely differently even though tier V players face significantly more overmatch issues. That’s because tier V players are bad while tier X players are good.

      What is increasing sniping behaviors is players getting better over time as the game grows older. Regardless of overmatch (even if it did not exist in the game whatsoever), sniping would still be the natural behavior because it allows to deal damage without taking damage. Thinking any buff or nerf will change aggression is simply incorrect. Give more 32mm armor and the only that’s going to change is people being tankier while sniping from max range.

    • its all about the cv spotting. the perma cv spotting means anyone pushing in is immediately focus fired. by the time you get into position you have paid the price with half your hp.

    • @why not Nope, not at all. Even in a game without a carrier, this is still true because destroyers can spot just fine for 20km engagements.

  4. Honestly, the T9-10 meta is so utterly broken the superships are just another drop of gas on the dumpster fire. About the only good thing they can do is make T8 getting shoved up into T10 games less often an actual possibility.

    I don’t like the superships anyways. They’re glorified premiums with Muh Gimmick.

  5. The Satsuma is the 5th Yamato being added to the gme now, i believe. Fun gameplay with lots of variety courtesy by WG

  6. Yup, satsuma actually feels like a super ship in randoms, tho thats mostly down to the dispersion buff id say

  7. This ship is the reason you don’t want to waste steel on an incomparable.

    • No, it’s nothing like a Satsuma. You’re thinking of Shikishima.

    • @DrMacintosh You don’t waste Steel on Shikishima either, both are objectively inferior to Satsuma, and there is a ship that’s pretty much a free one and is also better than either Incomparable or the Shikishima; The Yamato.

      better spend your steel elsewhere.

  8. I’ve run into a few Superships in randoms and it’s been either an absolute shitshow or a complete blowout…either way its not fun for one of the teams.

  9. I wish, at the very least, t9s weren’t placed into the same mm as superships.

  10. Honestly T5 and T6 has good gameplay. There is less gimmicks to worry about…

  11. This is the one supership I fear the most. I completed the survey with the same points you made. No one likes overmatch, and people naturally kite away from the threat which is bad game design. I’d rather play tier 8’s and 7’s than see superships in the game. Sure they can be farmed and outplayed but in the hands of a good player in a squad, it’s not fun for the game.

    Bad game design all around. I refuse the play them tbh, just like the subs and CV’s.

  12. fought 2 superships in my Udaloi semi-stock but the worst deal (only the upgraded hull, not the FCR or the Torp), totally a fun and engaging experience

  13. Marcus Jones Stinks

    As a T8 Main im happy t9 and TX are finally feeling what’s like for the 8s. It ain’t fun being a t8 bb bullied by TX cruisers with longer range than you because reasons.

  14. Could you do a review on hannover in randoms, also maybe discuss how brawling is essentially low tier now and T10 German BBs are now obsolete? Why would wargaming do this?

  15. One could argue that it simply changes the MM for t9 from a -2/+1 to the same -2/+2 you have at both t7 and t8. And that t10 now gets either a -1/+1 MM, if there a is supership in the match, or the old -2/+0 MM they had before.

    That’s assuming that you rate those ships only as t11, with for some examples I’m not really sure about. Let’s pick the IJN BB line as an example. From T9 to t10 you get +18k HP, the ability to overmatch 32mm and +40k AP DPM (+15% increase). Yamato to Satsuma is +22k HP and +50k AP DPM (+16%). But Satsuma as any other supership gets that fancy “magic button” special attack mode, same issue with ships like Conde or Annapolis.

    I would argue that that ability alone is worth at least half a tier, if not more… So in my book superships are closer to t12 than t11. Meaning that t9 shouldn’t face superships at all…

    … which makes me quite happy that next patch we get:

    – a T10 CB season without CVs, Subs and superships
    – a ranked season, where silver is t8-9 and gold is t10 without superships or subs.

  16. The thing about Ships like Satsuma is that they influence the game experience of some ships more than others. Gunboat DDs see Satsuma as damage pinata, Heavy Cruisers (magic 50/50/50 layout) dont really care, BBs feels outperformed (“Cool i am in my Shiki and this guy is in a better Shiki) and light cruisers know that they will get devstriked at some point anyway.

  17. I appreciate the analysis, and agree that Satsuma et. al. don’t belong in random battles. The one good thing however is that T8 ships no longer get dragged up into T10 matches. Not sure if that is a good trade off, but its something

  18. I’ve played the U.S. light cruiser line through at least 8 times and this most recent one was by far the least viable. Seattle used to be so fun.

  19. You should play Conde. It’s smacking even battleship broadside on long range. With the powerful 240mm guns and nice He and Ap it has no natural threads but 30mm overmatch. And you can outplay does ships. I like your videos good job👍

  20. Just like you say, passive gameplay keeps me aways from random. And when you add the current MM (with my rotten luck) i’m better off in coop. Like this i can still enjoy the game playing on the front line without drag the team i’m in down or run over. I agree it’s not the main focus but you don’t have to play by the book in order to enjoy a game, doesn’t matter if it’s this one or another.

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