Saving a Star Flamby? – World of Warships

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Brawl mode was a lot of fun because there were no subs and no CVs and you could play with a bunch of ppl. Good old World of Warships.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Wow, so this is how it feels like to be the first… Nothing..

  2. มาเฮง มีรวย

    Yooooo ! man

  3. MyopicAutisticMetal

    so is this the current brawl mode? OMG he survived that.

  4. I used Brawls in a similar way, jus play T10 without carriers and subs 🙂 Random T10 as a result was unenjoyable due to every match having carriers and subs….

  5. Actually brings up a point – think you should get something for being the top xp on the loosing team…

  6. Moskva should be reclassified as the submarine that it is today.

  7. i loved brawl, the only mode where you can escape these f**ing CVs!!!

  8. how Daring you not using Jingles voicelines on a Brrrrrritish destroyer?

  9. OI You Over Here

    I just had a thought (and I imagine others may have had the same/similar idea) but with the consideration of ‘communications’ and certain captain skills like ‘priority target’ I think it would be nice if there were an indicator on screen which tells you how many allied ships can see the visible ships on screen….. not that WG would give us something really useful like that

  10. stalkingtiger777

    Rank is poisoning your mind.

  11. Brawl is what the Game on T10 should be! It was really fun!
    I had so much fun and really good matches . . .

  12. RL: Two BBs vs two DDs – thanks for coming DD’s, I hope you had fun

    WOWS: Two BBs vs two DDs – thanks for coming BB’s, I hope you had fun

  13. Who is HANS CC on NA server in game ..not you?

  14. Trilomar Creates

    Good thing you don’t know how to play Daring….

  15. Numa numa, save the pledge!

  16. Wtf happens to your videos uploaded …??

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