Saving Transylvania Guide | World of Warships Legends

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Strategy guide for how to beat the Saving Transylvania Halloween event game mode in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PlayStation and XBox.



  1. Idk how, but I just did 5 stars first try lol

  2. I think it stops moving if the enemy ship gets into the circle.

  3. Idiots sailing off in wrong direction keeps holding me back out of 6 attempts I’ve won 1 🤯🤬

  4. 10:18 It was not you Tbull. Rasputin got in the circle and stopped the advance. Tag: Ozgur72, Ps5

  5. What I’d like to know is what goes thru players minds to where they think it’s a good idea to sail to the BOTTOM of the map in a fkn BB 🤬

    Xbox: JokRHntR

  6. Tag: schumakew
    System: PS4

    Thx again for all your advices… You clearly made my 57% win rate. Mostly playing lonewolf like you

  7. Thanks for this! It is my first Haloween with WoWs and i was able to get 4 stars on my first try thanks to this video. WarGaming does a lot of stupid crap, but they always do fun stuff for Haloween between tanks and ships.

  8. Funny, Rasputin did that in mine earlier this morning as well….been hanging around Jack Sparrow too much with that rum lol. But they need to balance the matchmaking on this. Couple matches have been 1 DD and all BS or all cruiser and 1 DD. Suckssssss

    Tag: Shadow66Ranger, xbox1

  9. Some captains seem to forget that even AI ships have guns that do damage. Hope everyone gets the 5 stars this week.

    Tag: GrammaChachi – System: Xbox

  10. I keep getting put on teams full of potatoes , spent 4 hours trying to do this mission to no avail . Brilliant content as always .
    Stu71a1 X box

    • You gain rewards for stars in each type so it’s not a waste of time, keep trying Belle is very good

    • Same here, I’ve had games with complete potato’s who can’t aim and I’ve even had a match where 2 battleships went afk… I’ve yet to complete a single one and I’ve played like 10 games

  11. I’ll be giving it a try later this evening. Gamertag GranQueso_GQ , PS4

  12. If you are the battleship at the end you can strategically ram Rasputin, do a ton of dmg and block him from entering the circle, did this today

    • The Jackals should definitely be trying to ram at end. However, had one do it yesterday in the path of T. T. ran into the wreckage and was blocked, so movement stopped.

  13. This was fun the first year…good to see it back.

    Congrats on 20K, chief! I’ll let others win…I’ve got a lot of stuff already…

  14. Tag: Huyin system: ps4
    Just got the 5th star after 2 games in each ship type. I led the way in the jackal and killed all 10 towers while the dd and cruisers took care of the ships. By far the most effective way of doing it. Killed one minion with the guns while ramming the second at the end. Rest of team was able to take down rasputin before he got in the circle. Good luck everyone

  15. As a CA main, I can agree that you must stay in the circle because you are the ship that will mainly protect Transylvania. Tag: teamzayas, PS4

  16. First couple games I played realised that the Battleship needed to kill the catapults. In the regulare game have you noticed that the auto aim can put you way off sometimes? Britboy71 xbxox

  17. PS5 tag: Screwju

    Loving the content and congrats on the 20K! You really need people on mics working together otherwise this mode is just an exercise in frustration.

  18. Xbox: Tren Frost

    Pretty much need a pair of grade-A DDs at the end to put out Rasputin fast enough to not stop the escort when it gets too close.

  19. Love this game mode. Remember it from 2 years ago and no other side game has come close. Loads of 4-star games up to now, but something always goes wrong. Have found that a strategic ram by the BB into Rasputin and leave you body across his path to slow him down works well. Keep up the good work TBull.
    Sir Nodrick – XBOX

  20. enjoyed your game play, and the biggest question: where do you get players that cooperate like you find???

    The match making for 7 straight games was with a herd of cats… ships going everywhere and loss after loss…

    Granted, finally a game with 5 stars and but it was not the normal play I keep seeing.

    The map explorers must have been looking for Dora, because they were serious Waldos.

    Thanks for the update…

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