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Last battle in Daisen, and it was quite a battle with damn good result. Like I said before, this ship is finally starting to work out for me but I am done and done with it. I never want to touch it again.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Hello from UK ) thank you for the daily vides btw )

  2. Brian (Vlad_451)

    Love it flambass. Can’t wait to see some tier III BB action. Even though i don’t play ships anymore ( jingles featured a triple sub, double DD, CA supership game last drop) i really enjoy seeing you having fun on the high seas.

  3. Stefano Danieli

    Jeez, you are so good at this game.
    Wonder learn how to play in such way

    • Please_Change_Username

      Play it for tens of thousands of hours, and be able to think and breathe at the same time.

    • ya flambass is at somethign crazy like 20k+ games now. i dont know how he does it. i’m at 3k since 2015 and even i get bored of the game now.

  4. Has that nerf bat not been swung at this thing yet!!!

  5. Humphrey Bogart


  6. Has an amazing game: “I’m so happy to never touch that piece of crap again!!!”

  7. oh man that myoko was like me back then 🤣🤣

  8. PrzeklętePierogi

    3:20 what was those torps?

    • Agree, not sure why they did not hit…..

    • Are you the kind of person that torps DDs while in an Asashio?

    • PrzeklętePierogi

      @TheGreenFather I’m not playing actively for a year now. Since Flambass is in a battleship and torps are already armed, heading for his bow, why didn’t they hit apart from bugs and desynchronization?

    • @PrzeklętePierogi A simple dot tells you that the torpedoes are too deep in the water to hit you.

      That should have been obvious to you, deep water torpedoes have been in the game for years now.

      He did say those were submarine torpedoes. Now what do subarmines do? Send torpedoes from deep underwater.

    • ​@TheGreenFatherisnt deep water for bbs and heavy cruisers? is this unique to daisen

  9. János Péczeli

    2 high level players are sealclubbin’ in a top tier BB…nice.

  10. :clap:

  11. Not seen the old man in an age, where is Mr Gibbins

  12. How the hell was he second?

  13. It’s a shame you didn’t find the fun that Daisen can be.

  14. Congrats.. and what an irony, you play a game with ships, where u won’t like to play some of that ships contained in.

  15. You know, you really haven’t sold the Daisen to me 😛
    I do like how different ships are liked by two very good players – find your own meta… (as long as it’s not CVs and Subs!!!)

  16. Bayern 380s are the same as Prinz Heinrich, a lot less AP penetration than Gneisenau/Bismarck etc. Pretty good for Tier VI, but when up-tiered you may have to contemplate the ultimate sacrilege for WoWS YouTubers, loading high explosive. (It pains me to have to suggest that.)

  17. Congratulations from Germany. GG

  18. Well done!….keep the vids coming!

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