Scenarios and Operations

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  1. why does every update is gigabytes in size?

  2. the improved A.I. is Insane !! I think you went a little bit overboard with it on this game mode WG, It’s kinda insane to face tier 7-8-9 enemies (with perfect aim I must remark) while also being outnumbered.

  3. I feel like a mercenary with this mode hired to do these ops

  4. the new mode was soo fun! thanks WG 😀

  5. Lovely!~
    World of Warships in on the right path. Unlike her older sister, World of Tanks.
    Keep doing the great job and don’t turn World of Warships into an absolute fiasco like World of Tanks right now.

  6. When will the british battleships come out?

  7. Looking forward to it

  8. MRnicolasthegreen13

    only with friends in division or i can do it by myself?

  9. Exciting news !

  10. war gaming please add extra star in PVE like PVP

  11. This is just what the game needed!!!!

  12. Who has time to spend 20+ hours playing to win these rewards?

  13. doesnt give you time to repair .. 100Hp…..100hp…. game over

  14. Great new mode but why the lower rewards? Not economical to play repeatedly if you loose xD Good rewards for victory though

  15. Vídeos Editados

    Is it like an event, or it will be there forever?

  16. for tier 5 & 6 ooOO! -..- F*ck Off!!!!

  17. Add uss Alaska guys awesome battlecruiser

  18. ai acting like player was fun… gets focused fired at even though other player is much closer to them… just like in random battle…

  19. WoWs videos : many likes and some dislikes
    WoT videos : many likes and MANY dislikes XD

  20. PLEASE bring this game to console. This looks super fun!

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