Scharnhorst 233k damage and 8 kills || World of Warships

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  1. L2S,trash Minekaze

  2. Amazing Scharnhorst ??

  3. Sehr schön gespielt.

  4. VW_WV,aka LASTO, the most infamous bot clan in Asia,due to those trashes,the quality of Asia server is falling down

  5. normallyChallenged

    Good game for the Scharn. But is it just me or apart from the good kiting, this wasn’t a particularly well played game? I’m not taking away from the high damage game, but most of his/her kills came from low health targets, broadsides for days and a particularly benevolent RNGesus?
    Again, not taking away from the game result, well done on the result. But I’d like to see a few games where the player may not have a 300k game but plays really well and makes some really good moves so that I can improve my own game.

    • I agree, there were good moments, but he had a lot of luck with dispersion and RNG in general, the enemies were muppets who keep turning their broadsides and didn’t shoot at him while he was broadside, which happened a lot. Most of the game was just steer towards enemies and press W and click the mouse button.

  6. All those fires on the ship can’t melt the ice and snow on deck?

  7. WoW should bring Heavy cruiser Moltke to the game

  8. 8:25 Firing before turret trained?

  9. アドミラルヒッパー

    The best premium ship. Actually Scharnhorst is a bit op,but her design for a game is awesome. Too much fun

  10. 这个迷彩好棒!

  11. more Scharnhorst replays please, they are great. The ship is beautiful and fun to watch.

    • prince of pirates

      i have shy-horse and i kill 2 bb t9 Alsace & missouri 1vs1 brawl in single battle 🙂 close range 3 km and i have torps :))
      … the shy horse was great bb made by hitler himself XD

  12. the destroyers on his team almost killed him twice

    • rly nis, so much idiots in this game…I would like for people to do IQ tests before they can play WoW!

    • WG would go out of business, WG relies on stupid players filling the game so that decent players can have amazing games like this one.

  13. how he shoot at queen elizabeth ship at 8:30 when cannons weren’t turn yet?

  14. The face you make when a fire just went out and you are set on fire again ?->?->?->? WTF!

  15. Mmm, i have 2 ship in front of me, ye ok, i turn and give them all my citadel. Genius.

  16. German poowwwaaa!!!?

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