Scharnhorst 8 KILLS || World of Warships

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  1. James Henderson

    Sometime when I feel I have too much money I’ll need to buy the Scharnhorst. Looks like a fun ship that I’d enjoy.

  2. 5:00 Battle fineally start 😀
    Or should I say: making dmg XD

  3. M a x i k i n g

    Glückwunsch zu 28k Abos 👍

  4. Still prefer Shift rather than scrolling m3 to aim

  5. Shocking target selection early on but good work overall

  6. What kind of psychopaths keep sending you replays? Who scrolls in and out of binocular zoom over using shift!?

  7. Good old Shiney Horse- nice game indeed, but most of the kills were finishing off low HP ships…congrats on map awareness and proper angling, that was actually the most impressive part for me.

  8. iceberg-camo great for Finland

  9. Great game……

  10. Tthis is a tear 7 schip its so op for this time period. German Ingeniring XD

  11. That this Guy survived has nothing to do with skills. Even the kills are explainable. Bad opponents

  12. Richard Collins

    That white camo is dope!

  13. The Scharn-snort.

  14. Damien Mansfield

    How legit is the free doubloons thing? Like I won’t get banned for not really “earning” a currency for the game?

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