Scharnhorst Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Taking a look at the Scharnhorst, the tier 6 Premium German Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on PS4 and XBox 1. Full review of the Scharhorst going over its strengths and weakness and give you the info needed to answer “is the Scharnhorst worth it?”


  1. How much MONEY you spend on it

    • @Tbull you spend a lot on this game on all them ship’s huh I need tu change job’s then lol GD videos by the way sir

    • @Tbull speaking of XXL ver witch ver did you buy?

    • @ Kairi Luv

      I dont know hwere your from, but where Im from The Netherlands (Europe) the cheapest base bundle is 60 Euro, and the fluffed up bundle almost cost 99 Euro !!!!! I like the game but I think the prices are insane. What I also find odd is next to a premium account they basicly have a second premium account (on top of the first one) with the “admiralty supply”. Being also a World of Tanks console player of the first our Im not surprised about these ridiculious prices.

  2. Yeah, my von Hipper is Legendary 1, rank 7 and I can get the range up to 19.2km – if I ranked him up a bit more then over 20km gun range is definitely possible. However, to do this means increasing your fire risk by 20%… on balance that may not be a worthwhile trade.

    It’s a good ship though, very adaptable to different situations.

    • Legendary von Hipper….

    • @Tbull He was one of the duplicates I got from that commander crate you can buy for Deutsche Marks. You know… the closer range commander, Ciliax, might be a better choice. He can decrease the reload, and the range penalty won’t affect this ship as much. Secondaries will also be boosted. Extra heal as well.

  3. Love the ship!!
    Have gotten a few rage messages by disgruntled Iowa owners who decide to try and brawl with me…. And forget I have Torps ?
    Luckily I got one of the German BB commander that does more AP damage, super handy for them citedals on cruisers

  4. Got the Shornhorst yesterday and got to say it’s awesome….if played right.
    6 matches played earning roughly 350.000 to 545.000 creds

  5. i found it to be a close range ship, but then again it’s lightly armored compared to it’s peers. Dont trade with Iowa’s long range lol.

  6. BattlestarPegasus

    “Maybe he was having a seizure or something…” xD

    • Eh, that was a bit insensitive on my part. Besides, his second attempt to ram me kind of took away any plausible excuse…

    • BattlestarPegasus

      @Tbull I know people having seizures is not funny, no worries, it was just the way you said it to describe him.

  7. BattlestarPegasus

    Ask Bizmarck how to play Vanguard, lol.

  8. You and the guy in Fuso had a real pissing match!

  9. Thanks for this upload. Truly a joy to watch. Scharnhorst is a beautiful ship, and I love the trajectory of those high-velocity rounds. She must be selling well, seeing a lot of them in battle. One weakness I’ve noticed is her bow is vulnerable at closer ranges. One of these things was absolutely wrecking our team at A cap. She had sent 2 to the bottom and the other was low health and fleeing for safety. ” I need support! ” was blasting on the radio. I was already heading that way, but Colorado is not the swiftest ship on the waves. Caught her with a good salvo at 11km, and she turned to charge head-on at full speed. When the guns reloaded the CO obliterated her through the nose. Players seem to be doing well with the Scharnhorst, judging from the post-match results. Really want to get this ship, but man that’s a lot of doubloons.

  10. It appears to be a popular ship on Xbox last night and they were scoring decently ? I’m undecided it’s a lot of money 🙁

  11. Absolutely love this ship. Wasn’t planning on getting it as I really didn’t want to buy a premium I’d have a default commander for, but I got Ciliax and hipper from my campaign pack on Sunday. I’m going to be dumping my campaign commendations into ciliax, it’s such a fun ship to brawl in.

  12. Whats the range on those torps? Also what was with that friendly fire?

    • 6 km on the torps. The guy rammed me right off the bat forcing my ship broadside to incoming fire from BBs, which could have gotten me killed. Instead of letting off the gas he turned into me so I couldn’t steer out of it. I didn’t take kindly to that

  13. Chaos v Order Peasantry club

    Yep got the vanguard myself. Hate it. I think the queen Elisabeth class was the sweet spot. So looking forward to your replays in the vanguard.
    Good video on the scharnhorst

    • Yeah the QE is awesome. I like the KGV as well. The vanguard I’ve only played a few games in so far, but it appears to be extremely unforgiving to making mistakes

  14. I have hipper for a Commander wonder if he would be good for that ship. He is the only German battleship commander I have

    • His trait would be useful on that ship, although once you get both battleship commanders you might consider Ciliax with von Hipper as an inspiration for a very strong brawling build. Von Hipper is certainly a lot better for it than Scheer though

  15. Great games Tbull
    I bought the Scharnhorst too and I got two German commanders.
    The former. Captain of the Scharnhorst and the former commander of the Bismarck
    Which one is more appropriate ?
    By the way, they say that the Vanguard has been buffed up ?

    • The vanguards heal was buffed. Citadel is still the size of lower Manhattan. I’m formulating a strategy that I think will work on it, but will need some time to upgrade the ship fully.

      If you have both BB commanders, is say either would work. I think Ciliax with von Hipper as an inspiration is the ultimate brawlers build for the Scharnhorst

    • Thank Tbull
      I will try that

  16. SHERMINATOR 1688

    Great vid tbull I have the scharnhorst to and shes fantastic. oh and congrats on ur run up for the kamikaze aswell ?

  17. So….are you teammates actually decent? Or are they brain dead like mine on xbox?

    • Sometimes you’ll get some teammates that know what’s going on, but otherwise they are either still learning or brain dead

  18. Part of what you’re forgetting… There’s a (min-max) on AP… There’s a ‘golden angle’ just under 10 but over ~8.5 where the shells hitting, will do a near auto bounce, at the angles where the Shell ‘hits’ at angles at/up to ’30 angle.
    Patience on release of round is just as important as where you’re aiming. If I may…Aim higher on belt.., so they land better for better cits.. ?

  19. I had a 167k damage game the yesterday. Loving the ship.

  20. I was probably going to buy this ship but your comments helped seal the deal. I got the kidd to after watching your video. I really enjoy this ship. It’s like a souped up Japanese cruiser! I play BB’s predominantly and this is my credit press now. ?

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