SCHARNHORST German Battleship is FUN – World of Warships Gameplay

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  1. I don’t care if WT don’t put the biggest battleships, just put the German
    Fast-Heavy Cruiser and I’m done, the Deutschland class was the shit (in the
    good way), literally, the allies had nothing to match that German Class of
    Ship. Btw, if they don’t put up the BC’s, it would be a totally pro-allies
    bullshit, allied bias as always in WT – I’m playing WT since the Alpha IN
    PLANES, at it’s turning into shit patch after patch, specially for those
    who like Realism and Historical Accurate WWII Stuff. Hope Goyjin do it well
    – BUT HELL WELL! – with the Ships. Gosh, my english is awful but I quite
    sure someone is going to understand my point.

  2. ze german battleship isn’t fun, it is WUNDERBAR

  3. Eivind Andreas Grov

    My game crashes all the time!!!

  4. Aircraft carier

  5. The smaller faster boats that War Thunder is promising should fit nicely
    into the fast pace of the WT tanks and planes. If you want big fat slow
    BB’s and destroyers there is already a multitude of those types of games
    available to play. WT, in my opinion, is doing the right thing by promising
    faster game play with their boats. Just my opinion….


  7. There is a damage counter Baron….

  8. Sharnhorst has puny 280mm guns of course your gunna get pathetic damage

  9. nice cide

  10. Dicks out for Scharnhorst

  11. Evan Butler (2022)

    “I think this will be a good game.” Gets cocky, tries to go Rambo and kills
    himself in the first 3 minutes into the battle. Lol

  12. Baron, you should really turn on the detailed ribbons and damage indicator.
    It will show you when you get a bounce, spalling, over pen and a solid
    shot. It will help to determine how your shots are landing.

  13. Nassau

  14. Please play Bismarck, or the T6 bb

  15. *War Thunder boats

  16. Yaaaay now the British cruiser are coming two

  17. I love the chat XD

  18. which ship has most guns

  19. that looks so fun!! but maybe you should watch your minimap XD

  20. +baronvangamez play some more germans battleships pls ?

  21. Bayern

  22. I sort’a want to see the HMS Hood too.

  23. do the grober kurfurst tier X bb!

  24. Wot the hell hacking players wit alot of free xp they bought german BBs

  25. TheAmerican Admiral

    Scharnhorst is STRONK

  26. 700ts viewer XD

  27. I am first like

  28. You deserve subscribers

  29. “Amazeballs”….word of the week

  30. legend says if your early enough, he might respond

  31. I was trying to play like an hour ago and I couldnt get in a single match
    with the tier 3 bb the mm was crazy

  32. Why do you not fire full broadsides

  33. von Hindenburg (Xhebalanque Izli)

    It is Gneisenau not Neisenau. The G is pronounced like in grand hotel.

  34. Stevonnie Jenkins

    fyi: for battleships use HE, for the rest use AP or HE

  35. Still gonna say it
    We want the beautiful Yamato sailing!
    Please Baron!
    Vote Yamato!

  36. jesse kill fucker

    that ship look cool

  37. this game sucks.

  38. And the G in Gneisenau is not silent/mute, is should be prenounced.

  39. FiestaProductions11

    i live in scharnhorst. lol

  40. Hey Baron how’s your day going?

  41. Baron baron were you get you scharnhorst’s


  43. I’ve got a War Thunder ships video coming out in a bit to, so fear thee
    not. But here should be a fun discussion….World of Warships or War
    Thunder Navy…and WHY?

  44. First!!!

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