Scharnhorst goes WILD – 8 Kills – World of Warships

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  1. I Love the scharnhorst more DREADNOUGHT pls

  2. One secondary shot, 4 medals. german efficiency xD

  3. Mükremin Ömer Faruk YILDIRIM

    Hayt! tryhard panzer was here.

  4. WOW – what an ending. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  5. lol thats called using your ship to maximum efficency. nice job

  6. Awesome job, exciting game!!

  7. Small ship and big shot,well player

  8. nice carry

  9. so you never should aim at waterline in scharnhorst?

    • Well, against other BBs it is effective, because you get the normal pens for 2,5k damage each. 12k-volleys? possible! But only if you aim a bit higher. 28cm do not have enough pen to penetrate the belt armor.

    • Depends on what you’re shooting at 11″ shells tend to bounce off BB armor. When you fight a BB with the Scharnhorst you go for BB’s superstructure, which is a softer part of a BB, and gives you decent damage numbers, even though you don’t get citadels.

      Even though WG classifies the Scharnhorst as a battleship, it’s actually a battle cruiser, and was never meant to take on battleships. It was designed as a commerce raider, and was intended to go after soft targets like transports, and other thin skinned ships.

      When engaging thin skinned ships like cruisers, and destroyers in the Scharnhorst, then you go for the water line. When I play my Sharnhorst, I play it more like a heavy cruiser, than a standard battleship.

  10. Good game, smartly done and with an epic buzzer beater kill. Gotta say though, dude needs to aim lower. I don’t think I saw him fire at the waterline even once. Sooooo many missed citadel opportunities.

  11. Well played!

  12. Eins der besten Schiffe im Spiel

  13. I pay for the full battle time. I play the full battle time. 3..2..1..Victory! XD

  14. sturmpanzerwagen ATV

    People seem to be doing very well in this ship lately

  15. lol that was pure luck and some sad moments !!! Could have been 9 kills !!! Well alot didnt happen which should have had so a round out of millions !!!

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