Scharnhorst vs T9 – 3.3K XP 225K DMG || World of Warships

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capn_obvious VII Scharnhorst
The game starts very slow boring… until the hits after 8 or 9 minutes.

3.3k base xp
1.6m credits (who needs Missouri anyway?)

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  1. I wish i got cyclones in this ship, this ship is a bully upclose against bbs with no torps.

  2. great aiming and target selection, well done

  3. That allied full hp Amagi…still good carry in nightmare MM.

  4. He lucky at 13:49

  5. Has anyone gone up close & personal with, what, 8 ships and come out the other side?  He’s a good player with great shots and tactics, but check out the damaged RECEIVED in the knife fights.  They were either not that great of players or RNG was shining down that game!  Good game!

  6. wow Amazing Battle!!!!!

  7. Finally a Scharnhorst replay

  8. He’s making me cry. He barely hit anyone for the first 8 minutes..

  9. Könntest du was mit einer Tirpitz mit 168k dmg und 7kills anfangen?

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