Scharnhorst – World of Warships – 165K dmg – 4 kills

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Player: SeaRaptor00
Map: Neighbors

►The new VII Scharnhorst is a bully; she fears nothing at her tier or lower. In this game, she moves in to the northern islands on Neighbors and sets up camp, eventually clashing with – and torpedoing – two battleships near the center.

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  1. I believe it was a complete waste of time shooting at the (obviously)
    not-in-game Cleveland. A DD should have been told to take it out fast with
    torps. Several rounds spoiled in that sense instead of being fired at other

    Nice ship. And definitely not a CC (no such) but between a BC (!) and a BB,
    the latter mainly considering its armor.

  2. I´ve seen so much german bb videos and it seems that they will be the worst
    bbs ever. Poor armor and a horrible dispersion. Just my impression?

  3. I was just wondering. Didnt he aim really bad on that Cleveland? Are you
    supposed to aim in middle? Arent you supposed to aim under the turrets for
    the Citadel on the Cleve? A bit underwhelming that it tokk so many salvos
    to put down a afk broadside Cleveland i think.
    And later on when he fired on the BBs he aim for the superstructure even at
    broadside BBs? Cant the Scharn guns pen a broadside BBs Citadel?!

  4. He played a good game, but let´s face it, a Tier VII BB has trouble to kill
    a Tier VI Cruiser which shows a perfect broadside in close distance…this
    is quite NOT a op ship

  5. I’m gonna die if I cannot get Scharnhorst in my port next week :)

  6. 1:41-4:10 My favorite, in-game soundtrack!

  7. Scharnhorst, Scharnhorst , everywhere ;o It’s boring -,-

  8. Iowa, with explanations how to play her perfectly.

  9. He overpens…

  10. I feel like the Scharnhorst should be able to citadel the Clevelands armor
    when it shoots straight into the side of it… did they nerf the crap out
    of the Scharnhorst?

  11. have fun :-)

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