Schlieffen Goes Forward and Melts Everything | World of Warships: Legends

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Another one of those games without the full 9 v 9. It’s a scenario that suits the Schlieffen well, considering the lack of armor and the ability to simply push in and melt stuff. The real question here is when will WG acknowledge the problem with the Haven spawns and fix them for higher tiers?

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  1. Haruna is just a most on the new German BB line

    And I cannot justify the price for an inspiration, so I’m done with this class, unfortunately…

    • Vincent The Keeper

      I’m in the same boat. They really messed up IMO. I’m not spending $15 on an inspiration and I spend money on the game. I dont play the line as well.

    • @Vincent The Keeper and if really wanna have fun with secondaries then you’ll also need Justinian Lyons XIII’s inspiration called “Emperor’s Wrath”, which gives your secondaries a 40% boost to fire chances.

  2. I prefer to have two extra heals rather then the secondary con.

  3. Almost done with the project. Looking forward to having it.

  4. Great game and narration on whats going on👏🏼👏🏼

  5. Love the Schlieffen. Astonishing how many I see hanging back trying to snipe?! Move that f*$king battleship and get in there. Great game and solid info on playing her…enjoyed watching!


      Germans Referred Their Ship’s Males Not Females. He’s A Force To Rekcon With 😂😃

  6. Nah, I turn it off because I’ve noticed the majority of times I’ve been in a CV game, the CV has been on Xbox. Since WG won’t give us a filter turning cross network off is the next best thing. It’s cut my CV games by 75% Idgaf about CVs

  7. Wait a minute that’s j dub in the rupperecht

  8. Oh yes! My daily dose of Secondary Batteries. Well done and GG.

  9. Nice battleship better then pommern 100%

  10. People play this game by just hiding behind mountain’s and wait I really hate people who play like that and idiots who spend money so they can say “Look at what I’ve got” pure mugs

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