Schlieffen – THE BEST SECONDARY SHIP IN THE GAME – World of Warships

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  1. This ships is like play bismack-hindenburg+ 4 z-52

  2. YES IT IS!

  3. Molten Bramley Apple

    I don’t understand how the schlieffen came to existence in the game. Because back when Agir was in testing that was an awesome secondary ship, but was then nerfed by WG for being too OP. Similar thing happened to the Odin, that and so much potential but WG nerfed it to the ground. Then after all that they bring out the schlieffen, it doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

      Nothing make sense to them. But play it while you still can before they nerf secondary again.

    • @jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj I don’t think they will nerf Schlieffen soon, this thing’s broadside is a citadel magnet.

  4. Spicy_Skywalker

    So you killed a CV and had fun in a secondary BB? Bro u r getting kicked from CC program 💀

  5. Luca De Sanctis

    Can you plz add commander perks and ship upgrades in your replays?

  6. I like how both WoWS and WoT players refer to the “nuisance class” as piggies lol

  7. Cool game! I learn a lot of positioning tips from your vids too.

    Just to let it out, Im sorry if this clogs the comments a bit but, with all the stuff that is happening in WoWs, I honestly feel indifferent about it lol. Probably a result of seeing the same complains/comments/posts.

    WeeGee should have noticed it already, but I figure that due to whatever plan they prioritize that reels in the short-term big money (and also usual AAA game company radio silence which lets them do it in peace), I think we can only mostly hope at this point. I don’t mind if people like you use your influence to change things, in fact I like it, but talking from a mere casual like me, we can only hope so much.

  8. barely more then 20k in secondary damage lol. Fires/floods are so much better still.

  9. First let me say that I highly agree with your feelings about ships usually. As a matter of fact this is really the first time I seriously disagree. But I have to say Zeiten is NOT a good ship. It essentially plays like a 16″ gun Gniesenau which means it sucks. I couldn’t reliably hit anything with the main guns even close. Shotguns split their sides laughing about it’s accuracy. I really enjoyed every other ship so far in the German BC line and kept every one as I leveled up. Except the Zeiten which I dumped the second I could.

    • Same. Was looking forward to it but it’s a bit rubbish. Full broadsides at 10km an NO shots connecting gets old real quick

  10. Legends gives all BBs a consumable that increases secondary fire rate and accuracy.
    It’s trash but it’d be fun on PC. Although, they’d make you drop hydro or something stupid.

  11. dislike counter

    It’s pretty crazy I’d say the secondaries are easily 4 times better than even Massachusetts or ohio. They just shoot faster and actually hit
    Hated zeiten the main guns were gneisenau lvl
    The tier 7 was much better

    • no, zieten has 16 inch guns and overally its a good (and ugly) ship.

    • @Billswiftgti gneisenau in terms of dispersion I had much more consistent games in the 7 even when uptiered

    • @dislike counter me too, but then I used the secondaries and torps. Zieten is an ambush predator, cannot run and gun, it gets annihilated.
      I liked Heinrich more until I learned to play Zieten… and then never player again except Schlieffen.

  12. Not highlight the secondary but at least you delete Nakhimov lol

  13. Kawaii Katarina

    I love how non-clickbait yet how obvious Tranlass’ video titles are. Not even written in a way to compliment his gameplay, but just an obvious fact about the ship he’s playing.

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