Sea Smackdown 19: Z-46

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Ze takes ze seas in !

Want to be featured? Here’s how:

1. Download our Replay Tool, drop it into your folder and activate it

Be sure to hit the “On” switch and “Apply” button!

2. Register at WoWS Replays

3. Record a battle and send us a screenshot of your Post-battle statistics

In the battle, you should have met the following conditions:

Get the “Kraken Unleashed,” “High Caliber” “Solo Warrior” or “Confederate” achievements.
200К+ HP damage

4. Upload your replay to WoWS Replays

5. Press “Send to Competition” and tick “

6. Attach the post-battle screenshot

While the damage and achievements listed in the “Should Have” section help us select the truly epic battles, you don’t need them for us to feature you in a Sea Smackdown. So, if you’ve fought a spectacular battle in which you displayed great gallantry and teamwork — please, by all means, send us your replays.

And don’t forget to attach your screenshots!

Want more info? Check out the World of website!
North America Portal:


  1. dangerous enemy hipper? are you sure you got that right? 🙂

  2. Why can’t I ever play against crappy enemy Fletchers like this guy?

  3. This was definitely one of the best videos in this series despite the ending. But let’s be honest, if he had to sink any other tier 8 cruiser that isn’t the Hipper, the challenge would’ve been much harder.

  4. Are you kidding me? a Taiho using autodrops??? Not surprising the Z-46 evaded those torps…

  5. Great play and firing wait how many inch that gun is

  6. The Essex captain did what he could though…..

  7. That last salvo form Hipper…
    I know that pain,

    Also what is the song at the end?

  8. Ha ha , ran out of luck … RAN OUT OF LUCK … it was all luck with those torps Z-46 spread

  9. poor guy had a us cv on his team

  10. not more than drama

  11. Cool stuff 🙂

  12. salted af

  13. holy shit im not interested in your shitty fucking game so stop trying to shove it down my damn throat.

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