Sea Smackdown 2.0. Attack of Gearing | World of Warships

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Our resident expert—dreameater_—continues his commentary and analysis of selected replays.
This episode highlights the plight of a player on destroyer Gearing.

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  1. First one! Yeah more of that!

  2. good video, WG. could you make a vid about Tirpitz?
    IGN: black_559
    Server: Asia

  3. 2:49 team is holding defensive formation..

    yeah..thats quite an “appropriate” term for it..

  4. lol gunboat gearing replay

  5. This commentary just makes inertia fuse seem like an overpowered skill. It isn’t.

  6. How to change crosshair (without any scale) like the vdo…? Any one help me?

  7. I gained Great Knowledge from this “how to be efficient using torps”

  8. more video, movie action
    IGN: LeagerNeverdie
    Server: Asia

  9. pro tip, don’t take IFHE on neither Loyang nor Shimakaze, it’s not worth it on those, only on Kitakaze xD

  10. Of course there is a conqueror hiding all the way at the back.

  11. Is the frags a misstranslation? or did the entire WOWS playerbase start calling kills, frags, in the last 4 months?

  12. though i don;t quite like the idea mention the IFHE skill so many times that may look like encouraging players to take it for no matter which destroyers thay are having.

  13. Yeah great battle… When Radar and Hydro seems to be disabled… or you are playing against people who don’t know that these two exist…

  14. You know I asked the question in the live stream today about is the Musashi coming back and I get a half baked question they think I asked is the high school Fleet skin coming back which it’s already out now because they’re doing the high school Fleet collaboration again I was hoping for the Musashi to come back but all . Was answer stating about the high school Fleet skin for the Musashi not the ship itself I would like it if the ship come back that’s all I want

  15. kitakaze no has IFHE 24mm…

  16. He was talking so much about ifhe but that Gearing himself didn’t have it, while he took… AFT on Gearing… Omg ?

  17. This Loyang could eat gearing if he had enough brain to hide in smoke and activate hydro.

  18. Shimakaze: *Is a torpedo boat that’s not supposed to invest heavily in gun power*
    The “Expert”: “[…] Also without IFHE. As a result she perishes very quickly.”
    Kitakaze: *Can penetrate Gearing’s belt without IFHE*
    The “Expert”: “Kitakaze had learned the IFHE skill, allowing her to inflict significantly more damage.”
    10/10 – would consult the Expert again
    Can we just get the old Sea Smackdown back please?

  19. Becuz Shimakaze doesn’t have IFHE, she can’t deal much damage to the Gearing. And who in the right mind play Shimakaze with IFHE? Also why Shimakaze go that close to Gearing or she has 8km torps equip or something.

    Kitakaze doesn’t have IFHE but dude Kitakaze got /4 so she can pen Gearing easily unless this clip is from WW1.

    Bring Yuro here instead pls.

  20. WG wants us to use IFHE on shima for those 6 guns rather than torpedo skills for those 15 deadly torps

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