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In this episode, we shine the spotlight on a swift German Tier VII battleship.
Sea Smackdown continues its mission to showcase the most outstanding results and impressive displays of skill from the World of Warships community worldwide!
Gneisenau is the main hero of our new video. This fast German battleship is equipped with six 380 mm long-range guns. The ship is also armed with two triple-tube torpedo launchers that reload quickly. Her fortified citadel with a high level of protection against HE shells is also worth mentioning.
And with true sea wolves at this ship’s helm, records will be broken! In this new episode, you’ll see players’ best performance with Gneisenau in several categories.

00:00 Sea Smackdown: Gneisenau teaser
00:45 Best Moment
02:45 Best Replay
04:25 Maximum damage
06:00 Best Replay
08:40 Maximum ships sunk
10:40 Best Replay
12:50 Maximum aircraft destroyed
13:35 Best Replay
⚡️ The heroes of our new episode are players:
Eldar7_370 (ASIA)
TheWonderOverYonder (RU)
Iron_Division (EU)
Wolfsgrimm (EU)
Merlin43 (EU)
⚠ You will obtain the reward within the following week!

Want to be featured on Sea Smackdown?
If you think you may have qualified for one of the categories aboard one or more of these ships, then we’re eagerly awaiting your replays! Players whose battles are featured in our show will receive valuable rewards.

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  1. Captain OneShot

    Really awesome

  2. Finally it come

  3. someonesomewhere

    Wise tactic…minimap shows off and you can see the typical way to make damage let others in your team be the focus of the red team..

  4. Lol I’m litterally grinding in this ship rn

    • ItzDanielGames!

      Don’t get too excited with Gneisenau, She has horrible guns.

    • @ItzDanielGames! I’ve already played 42 battles with her and could move on too Bismarck if I want too, I already know that her guns are weak, jsut grinding a bit more free xp for Bismarck so I can put the better equipment on him immediately

  5. I like Gneisenau 🙂

  6. so uh…. what’s the next ship?

  7. battleship hunter ( KMS Bismarck )

    Well I guess gneisenau is a leading ship now don’t you think guys

  8. chronoss chiron

    i did in 2 t9s with a bismark was fun

  9. Is this focus on the Gneisnau Wow’s way of saying they have buffed the accuracy on their primary armament making it playable ?

  10. Hold up? I get to and past 130,000 everyday, with my personal best just over 200,000 at level X. Is that average?

  11. It is Gneisenau not Neisenau though. Not that hard to say really. At least try with the ship names…

  12. Yeah German quality… broken optic

  13. imagine killing 7 ships and still lose

  14. The battle with the 7 kills is a very good example, that the winrate of a player is not the ultimate factor to determin, if he is a good or a bad player. You can pretty much play your a.. off and can still lose with these kind of teams. If this happens more often, you can be a good player, but you will still end up with a mediocre winrate.

  15. So which ship will be featured in the next episode

  16. let’s be honest; if you’re hitting citadels with the gneisenau, you’re getting lucky. Those 6 guns are horrifically inaccurate…

  17. So the next is Iowa?

  18. The Cool Banana

    My nest ship is gneisenau and wows Yt made a video on it yay


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