Sea Smackdown: New Orleans | World of Warships

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Newcomers forced our veteran to move one step down! Old VII-tier american Cruiser shows masterclass in game before leaving his tier place!

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  1. That is all? I tought it would be longer, anyway good video.

  2. The guy is in my clan. Too proud 🙂

  3. Great video & and Game =)

  4. Oh,today’s Sea Smack Down is simple

  5. the reload nerf on the new orleans was completely unnecessary

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      Davy Jones its tier 7 now. If you put a ship tier down but dont nerf it its a direct buff and the only ship who needed a buff was the pensecola.

    • Outwardpanicjoe

      Davy Jones i use to play it with the 15 second reload

  6. I feel bad for that Dunkerque, bad accuracy, 1.7 sigma, 25mm plating all over, weak AA… That ship suffers in current meta.
    Still, congratulations to player, great match.

  7. Why does it seem like the video was done in a rush?

  8. My favourite US Cruiser with a awsome captain

  9. Notice the key words stated here, hide behind….. come on wargaming the U.S. Cruisers of any type didn’t depend on hiding behind Islands….. everytime you guy mention US Cruisers it goes inconjunction with island. ..give me a break ..

  10. I think this contents is very good.

  11. Fine shooting

  12. After leaving… no more rader and suk as garbage

  13. How about the iowa is the hero of sea smackdown

  14. Iowa is the best battleship in the world

  15. game mecaninc improvements to destroyers??? nothing….yep…still the same old shit from wg i see

  16. IOWADragon aka James Michael Oary

    GG And now, for me it’s just another tier 7 weekly op ship as I get the upgrades etc done and earn more capt skills. With an occasional random battle of course.

  17. Good game, I love to see Cruisers dominate in a game!

  18. 这不科学!

  19. 203mm guns OP

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