Sea Smackdown: Special Episode | World of Warships

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Today’s episode is special, and we will cover more than one replay this time. Also we will make one important !

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    There was a lot of work for poor producer!
    Which replay did you like the most?:)

    • Thatcher the Great

      All were amazing but, the second is my favourite… It relates to me on Blitz. My second favourite is the last one. Loved the video! Thanks for making these! ?

      P.S. French ships and tanks are da best.

    • Thatcher the Great


    • World of Warships Official Channel I Love this Hair :3

    • SpangeboobErectedPants

      World of Warships Official Channel are you guys planning on putting this game on other consoles because im dying to play on xbox? And i know how much work that would take but i really would love it if u at least considered

    • SpangeboobErectedPants

      World of Warships Official Channel i have war thunder on xbox but naval battles arent that great

  2. So many doubloons were given away in this video! 😛

  3. Am I the only one getting The Stanley Parable vibe?

  4. Only in Russia you can get 9 kills and still watch how all but 2 allied ships are getting sunk.

  5. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    “that the key to success is a memorable battle with tons of frags”
    Please note, capping, spotting, tanking and smoking for team mates is equally if not more important…
    Then again, you are going to have to do everything above if your team is just a bunch potatoes …

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer those are more important than damage.

    • Sadly WG don’t think so. :/ In the last talk, WoWS Developer Q&A, they said : “We can’t help player to play better”, but in other hand they still choose to reward selfish play, via regulaer mission/reward/etc…

    • Yeah, I’ve sent in a replay for this competition showing that. I didn’t shoot one single bullet but our division won the battle for the team.

      Sadly they rate damage and frags over clever play.

      Truth is, these players only were able to shine because too many of their teammates didn’t know their role in this game.

      I wish WG would promote better teamplay more than outstanding results like those.

      On the other hand, those people did great!

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Wow that sucks… feels bad man – potatoes gonna potato and we got to multitask and hard carry…

  6. 13:03 ?? new game mode ?

  7. Грицко 2511

    Did Dasha become a feminist??

  8. Ah the Teleportation Module the Aprils Fools

  9. Much better format, and great for picking multiple people!!

  10. *Yamamoto Campaign?*

  11. Awesome loved the narration thanks for the share

  12. アドミラルヒッパー

    Incredible things happen many times in wows.Just normal game

  13. I bet $100 for Lera will flood the room with tear when she sees flambass’s fletcher video

  14. Nice touch using the Curious George narrator.

  15. Hi WOWs team , i know you read the comments and here is a simple request ; can you please make the replay saving just by one click in the option menu like in world of tanks , thanks

  16. I like this new format. but the first few battles would have needed a few more minutes of time to be properly enjoyed. Just seeing random killshots is weird.

  17. Rip Myoko

  18. I really like the changes in the content since this official WoWs channel was established. It is very nice to be able to see the people who work hard so that our beloved game continues to improve. Keep in that way!!!!. PS: please give vacation to all the staff of the “Department of Detonations” 🙂

  19. I just love how creative the video production team has become over the past months, you guys rock!

  20. Lera is a cute Girl,i like her.

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