Sea Smackdown: Yamato | World of Warships

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The first episode of our rebooted series delivers exhilarating footage from the decks of the Japanese Tier X battleship.
Sea Smackdown is back to showcase the finest plays and most astonishing battle results achieved by the World of Warships community!
The star of our first video is legendary Japanese battleship Yamato. Join us to find out who among you has managed to score the highest marks in all six categories—damage, ships sunk, potential damage, best salvo, aircraft destroyed, and best moment—at the helm of this Tier X titan.
00:00 — Sea Smackdown: Yamato
01:36 — Maximum per salvo
03:47 — Maximum damage
05:50 — Maximum ships sunk
07:55 — Maximum potential damage
The heroes of our first episode are players:
⚡️ Maximum per salvo
bulldobattler (EU), ArksBR (NA), mordwin_73 (RU), Kulmar13 (EU), mcgibe (NA), TemenEs (EU)
⚡️ Maximum damage
Full_Dragon (EU)
⚡️ Maximum ships sunk
KadisReijer (RU)
⚡️ Maximum potential damage
KatsuragiKai (NA)
⚠ You will obtain the reward within the following week!

Want to be featured on Sea Smackdown?
If you think you may have qualified for one of the categories aboard one or more of these ships, then we’re eagerly awaiting your replays! Players whose battles are featured in our show will receive valuable rewards.

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  1. there is a reason why people hate camping bbs

  2. [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    oh damn thank you, we’ve been waiting for Yamato Sea Smackdown return

  3. Oddly satisfying to watch, I want to see more of sea smackdown

  4. Good video format, will watch future episodes.

  5. I really love playing the game but not being able to participate in rank and other features stinks I can’t afford to purchase everything I’m on a fixed income thanks to the VA SCREWING ME AROUND!
    But other than that love the game
    Thank you !

  6. Andrew Raila ‘Bammers!

    I feel so bad for all those players who got humiliated in the video

  7. Super ships have nothing on my yamato. To me yamato will always be a super ship.

  8. Congratulations to the players who wring such great results from the beautiful and actually historic Yamato class.

    That writ, how about a video showcasing Yamato’s bizzarely common “nine shots equals one overpen for 1,470” routine? There could be a highlight clip of invulnerable broadsided cruisers at under 10km. L ol.

  9. Yikes

  10. Sadly Japan is a forgotten nation. It historically was one of the major naval power during WW2 but not in this game.
    IJN should been a major tech tree along side with UK and US but as recently there is not a single new content added into the Japanese tech tree because tech trees like Germany is instead getting everything in a short amount of time such as new destroyer line and less than a month later yet another new battleship line not counting the other new premium ships, it is incredible how much they got new content while the Japanese tech tree is left without anything. And ofc the Soviet, the least know naval power of any nation kept getting new ship even if it barely had anything that was actually built but WG solved this by relying on fictional design and cold war ships….
    As a IJN main this is just sad and the main reason i haven’t play much WoWS nowaday, the content balancing in this game is terrible.

  11. I hit yamato with my T8 Alabama full salvo …. dude laughed at me and said it tickles

  12. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    The Yamamoto was deadly and trust me you don’t want to be on the receiving end of her guns one shot and your dead.

    • yeah, i finally got her and she’s as powerful and dangerous as they say. I would like to see a Space Battleship version for standard play.

  13. I Really Pick the Right Tech Tree Yamato is really Powerfull

  14. 7:00 yes, because 50 AA guns on Yamato are weaker than 5 AA guns on some DDs …

  15. 4.3 million potential damage in a Yamato?
    My Lenin: *laughs in 4.6 million*

  16. Yes finally Sea Smackdown!!!

  17. Yamato the Emperor Ship

  18. For me, no matter how power crept she is, Yamato still is a relevant Tier X BB. She is still my favorite tier X BB.

  19. I know there’s no replays on world of warships legends but I would like them to get a sea smackdown of their own.

  20. World Of Warships Official Channel
    When you get kraken with yamamoto it says that it recovers hp but it no longer heals, on more than one occasion I have drawn kraken and it does not heal, the ability is dead, what i should do

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