Sea Smackdown:Lyon [World of Warships]

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A wild hunter from savanna enters to domintate the battlefield!
Take a look at that breathtaking shipborne safari!

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  1. Thumb me down.

  2. Don’t call it a lion.. you insult the British

  3. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about this battle?
    Was the player really that skillful, or he has just encountered some newbs team?:)

    • Some skills but mostly it was the newb team which he encountered

    • It was really good!

    • Actually, I think the Lyon is a WWI battleship design proposal that has taken advantage of all the filthy blessings given to it by the developers. Namely: powerful French AP, 27 knot top speed (it’s supposed to be 23 knots, this is 1918 not 2018) and ferocious AA (remind me, how many aircraft carriers fought in WWI???).

    • Fuso MVP. How you do zero dmg at point blank range with full health equally matched ship? NY runner up, why would you not ram knowing your team had the points lead?

    • 太簡單了,沒挑戰性

  4. There are too many disparities in power, and BB is close to battle. He is dead. Fortunately, the opponent he faces is a player with no strength. WG is not a fragment of the unarmed novice who is being slaughtered!

  5. At least this Lyon isn’t shooting HE

  6. Good final tiers 5 against tiers 7

  7. 25,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?

  8. Now THATS the Sea Smackdown I have come to love…;)

  9. 3:01 obligatory exploding nurnberg

  10. WG thats unfair ending because looks like just because some idiot ally was alive he missed the solo warrior. as happened to me as well.
    I think you need to change solo warrior requirement rather than winning battle 1 vs 4, it should be like, Win a battle last man standing while having 1k more base exp than anyone else. or idk whatever you think is best, i even saw solo warrior 0 base exp player afk all the match. if thats fair to you.

  11. wow.. lvl 5 NY vs lvl 7 Lyon… gee how would that turn out…:/

  12. World of warships is a Russian game so Russian player can play better

  13. I love these episodes. They are so much fun! 🙂

  14. wargaming yetkilileri.. en absurd dillerde bile alt yazi eklerken turkce yi eklememek nasil bir akil yapisidir merak ediyorum… sizi siddetle kiniyor bir an once aklinizi basiniza almanizi tavsiye ediyorum. turk oyunculari hafife almak size bir sey kazandirmaz sadece kaybettirir

  15. Lyon op when top tier, News at 11.

  16. Se los entregaron a todos en bandeja ?

  17. The New York should have rammed the leon

  18. Oh, the amazing tier seven Lyon player… NOTICE THAT THERE ARE TIER FOUR SHIPS IN THIS BATTLE!!!! >:(
    Plus, all those idiot cruisers were sailing almost completely broadside to the Lyon, so it’s no wonder he gets a devastating strike! In addition, why didn’t that shchors get into torpedo firing position and wait for the Lyon to come across it, instead of charging? About the final duel, a tier seven battleship versus a tier five one isn’t a fair fight!!!

  19. When is rough weather coming to WoW

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