Seal cleming in clubson – World of Warships

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Seal cleming in clubson – World of Warships
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  1. 6:44 kuma: I just want to die, kill me please.

  2. The definition of seal clubbing right there. Must be Canadian.

  3. The Clubson is rather famous right now (Thanks Flamu!). But the German DD (G101) isn´t bad as well (and then the German AP…).

  4. Indeed. Rank 1 player wrecks noobs who sail in straight lines and can’t aim.

  5. finally 1080

  6. nothing special average sealclubing

  7. Lower tiers be like derp ship here derp ship there, *Clemson comes* derp ships blow up everywhere!

  8. Отлично!

  9. Love it ???????

  10. Clubson to the rescue

  11. Crossdrop FAAAAAAAIL!

  12. I’ve heard it said that you create your own luck. Well, I don’t believe in luck. This guys is good. It was a pleasure watching him smack down all of those enemy ships.

    Nice job.

  13. Is it still seal clubbing if i have the montana but my highest tier dd is the clemson lol

  14. Shame, shame, shame…………..

  15. what was that KUMA thinking at 6-48 it couldn’t of turned his full broadside to all those torp’s any faster if it had a handbrake,,, classic lol

  16. GG, fun ship, I hear they plan to change the gun upgrade so that you don’t get 2 barrels anymore… JK imagine the outcry if they did that hehe.
    In true typical Clemson style the new balance will be to remove the 2 barrel upgrade to address the “issue” of this ship and make it 3 barrels… 🙂

  17. OMFG I can’t stop lol’ing at the title……….. XDDDDDD Maybe cause I’ve had a looooong day at work and this rum n coke is doing it’s job. 😉

  18. *sandbagger*

  19. Shahnewaz Siddique

    4:25 lol,rng blessed that langley

  20. As a Canadian i find the title offence…

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