Season 11 Rank Menace – World of Warships

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Sharing my rank experience in a single game in the Black, DDs for days and a ton premiums. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX American Destroyer Black Replay – Warships Invite – Discord Server


  1. First, and I ain’t joking

  2. Super early

  3. Black torps are how IJN torps should be.

  4. I have 4 BBs/Team in every Ranked game I play

  5. Ranked is infested with musashi and dominated by katikaze :/ kinda frustrating

  6. I think the three big changes really altered the game in ways no one saw. The CVs sent the DDs to ranked… I noticed a heavy uptick in DDs between 3/4 is average and this puts a lot of weight on the DDs to win matches. Couple this with the Concealment nerf and this is an advantage to both DDs and CVs which are both heavy on separate matches… it is certainly having a reciprocal affect and like you said Noster the Machine gun torpedos that iChase shown earlier I don’t think was expected either. I think for a lot of us it’s a lot to swallow in one patch. It would have been better to implement one and see the effects but I’m not sure if Wargaming anticipated this.

    • I mean ranked this season is arms race and dds have always been good for that. So ranked at least should have been expected. Now I will agree that the CVs might have driven more dds to ranked and the CE changes might have pushed cruisers away from ranked

    • Of course they didn’t anticipate this. They’re stupid. They couldn’t balance a pizza on a table. This whole game has devolved into “buy this re-skinned ship for $60” 8 times a year. If everyone stops giving them money for this garbage they’d have to come up with a better plan.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +aluisious Thank you, been saying that shit for so long. But nooo we have to throw our money at WG because they need supporting – even after proving dozens of times how badly they want to fuck you in the ass and take your money like a good rapist would. No wonder they don’t fucking listen, they always cash out no matter what they do.

  7. “you can’t survive if you are deat”
    -Notser 2019

  8. “Be very careful of blacks”. -Notser 2019

  9. 1:05 “You can’t survive when you’re dead”
    Yeah, we could tell

  10. notser use your influence and make wg undo the rework

  11. I’d like to take this moment to issue you a big – THANK YOU NOTSER for all the hard work you’ve put in on the CV rework and the game in general over the past 6 months. I view you as the World of Warships shepherd. Of all the CCs out there you are the only one I know of who has the knowledge, self-less judgement, and foresight to accurately analyze the changes to the game and recommend the right path forward for it. And it’s a good feeling knowing we have you to help make this game as good as it possibly can be. Please keep at it, Notser, at the moment the game needs you more than ever. (beatty_10)

  12. Does anyone know if the clan discount for ships cost applies to CVs? After the rework all the CV cost is not discounted anymore. Is it a bug?

  13. They chose a terrible tier for ranked.

  14. I think that this ranked season is terrible. There are lots of players in Musashi, Missouri and Jean Bart that don’t know what to do beside tanking and backing up the whole game. Dds are the only counter measure to them because cruisers pretty much don’t exist. I love to play destroyers, but there are situations in which the level of game is below any miniumum. Like today. Picked up almost every buff i could. I did everything in my power to spot and to provide cover for my team. In the end I dealt over 280 k damage and we still lost. And this is just one example of many.

  15. T9 is probably the most unbalanced tier in the game. Not very fun for ranked.

  16. 8:49
    so true
    I got to rank 8 in my FDG but then I remembered Im the FDG and there’s no in hell I’m gonna make it to those higher ranks…
    Sucks because everyone is bringing their now no longer available premiums with super power ups..

  17. Yeah, with BLACK is more easy.I want to see all RANKED play with regular DDs.

  18. “Be very careful of blacks… they’re everywhere.” -Notser 2019

  19. war gaming listens to you more then us. Ask war gaming to remove save the star from ranked but make every level irrevocable. Worst case you only lose stars not your rank for bad players/bad games.

  20. Loving ranked right now, Not big on arms race but I like that it promotes aggressive play! And the respite from CV play is nice.

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