Seattle – New T9 LIGHT CRUISER USA || gameplay and STATS || World of Warships

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  1. Do U have the American cruisers day???

  2. excellent teamwork – surgical melting enemy

  3. Rough Summary:
    Seattle – Cleveland with Heal ?
    Worcester – Minotaur with DFAA & HE but no torps & smoke ?

  4. why Wargaming instead of putting new useless ships doesn’t fix the existing ones like the dumb no skill Conqueror ?

  5. Is this ship meant to be added I the tech tree ?

    • Praetorian Gaming

      This is the new T9 USN light cruiser. Pensacola is becoming a T6 and starting the heavy cruiser line. New Orleans and Baltimore are sliding down a tier as well with a new T9 heavy cruiser coming in (Buffalo) and the light cruiser line is T6 Dallas, T7 Helena, T8 Cleveland, T9 Seattle, T10 Worcester.

    • Yes, to the upcoming USN CL line. Cleveland will become the T8 USN CL.

    • Praetorian Gaming thank you very much. I guess I ll spare some grinding if I get a Cleveland before the patch then.

    • Praetorian Gaming

      Yup! If you can get a Cleveland you’ll get a T8 Cleveland and a T6 Pensacola.

  6. why is there nothing between the smokes stacks ? there is already catapults but the ship do not have planes otherwise a torp launcher that can target both sides would nicely fit

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      PizzlyCSGO Actually The radar in US cruisers (at least now in normal server) is in the same slot as scout plane or fighter That is why it still retains the catapults although no one sensible will use plane Except Yuro for MAXIMUM TEAMPLAY

  7. This ship has a lot of shootings on board. cuz seattle.

  8. quite a challenge to hit Khaba with those arcs at 7+ km, hm….

  9. Buffola or Seattle wo will bé premium ?

  10. This stupid firing angle…….WG ARE U SERIOUS?

  11. Oh, how nice! Another fantasy ship from the anal orifices of the game developers. Boring.

  12. the ship needs some buff

  13. minsk ship mader factory?actually this is a HE nepture

  14. By the time the shells reach the target, the match will be over… lol

  15. I should use my free xp for the seatlle or for the T10 ?

  16. FlyingChinese O7

    Aimbot in action

  17. Clivland 8

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