Secondary Build Admiral Ushakov

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. The fire potential is good.

  2. 30% better accuracy gimmick makes it almost as accurate as a normal ship. nice….
    a danger with having this ship on your team is if a player chooses this ship, and they are not extremely good at decision making, then they will likely overextend early, get focused, and just die. fire spammers don’t care about armor or hp pool. larger hp pool = more damage per fire. this thing is preferred food for fire starting ships.
    a marceau, daring, sherman, hagumaru, kita, wooster, smokensk, etc…. any of these ships can farm this thing out by themselves. but they won’t be by themselves because others will be trying to suckle off your gigantic hp teat as well. imagine trying to actually hit a marceau at 12km with this ship.

    • I don’t mind battleships but in my opinion the current meta is like watching paint dry. So, they really aren’t my thing right now.

    • Unless its Yoshino or thunkek… Don’t bother spam he to Russian BB. Just look at its armor thicc ness

    • Yea, this was designed for a game style that dosent exist anymore. Why be bored with up close brawling when you can sip your favorite beverage while parked on the edges of the map and snipe…… Yea… The fun is not there much anymore.

    • “Imagine trying to actually hit a marceau at 12 km with this ship” imagine hitting a marceau with any bb at 12 km

    • @Comrade Vlad lol…good point

  3. The russian BB line overall is good, but the tank play style is just not “fun” for me. Ushakov secondaries and AA looked promising for a “different” playstyle. But looks iffy.

  4. i feel like youd have a bit of a better time if you didnt over angle. People obvs know that they cant go through the nose when youre noise in, so they go for the super structure, maybe open up a bit more to bait people in to going for your belt?
    Tho that wont really fix the trash guns xD

  5. wait am i seeing things or did that monty cit you while you are bow on at the start of the video? the heal mod shows 3578 while you took 17955 dmg. only 20% healable hp. nice bug.

  6. Greetings from Monty 🙂 It was a nice game 🙂

  7. The secondary smolensk turrets are actually viable in the nakhimov with a secondary build. MAYBEEEE you could try playing it and play agressive to get both the plane rotation insane and get use of the secondaries

  8. the first hit on the structure is a citadel….can’t heal up any….insane bug

    • Ye you can see the citadel animation. The gunnery in this game gets worse each uptdate i swear to god and the devs will just ignore it and pretend it works fine 🙁

  9. I miss playing this game, but the few good things about it just no longer outweigh the bad.

    Nice to watch your content tho

  10. ” I want a ship that can do damage ” looks at damage in clips. you are playing a ship that does damage. what you want is a ship that can do massive damage in one salvo.

  11. I had so many terrible games yesterday where i was frustrated with RNG and superships/ being bottom tier with MM.
    Its times like these where i bring out my Thunderer. For me it’s basically a supership/T11 version of the Conqueror and i can always rely on it.

    But even then it can be boring depending on the game with blowouts and stuff.
    Ended up in the 3rd game shown here and what a boring experience that one was. Instantly switched to another game afterwards.

    • Ironically, A) Thunderer actually is worse than Conquerer. Better fire chance and larger calibre, but Conquerer has super heal, and greater volume of guns. And Conq still has 50% fire chance. Thunderer is just incredibly annoying because Thunderer players are, on average, more likely to be so far from the battle to impact the battle in any immediate way.

      And B) DDs are generally more reliable against your average SS. I’d rather run the USS Black instead of the HMS Thunderer/Conquerer against a bunch of SS

  12. Hi, PQ! liked you review. I only want to add that BB´s need Radio Location skill back as much as CA need secondary skills again. Greetings!

  13. That first salvo you received was actually a citadel, despite being fully angled and Montana not over matching you… I wonder if that is a legitimate weakness with the sloped armor, or a one in a million bug…

    • It’s not a bug, it’s the montana shell hitting the turret front and then bouncing down into the citadel from the deck. It happens most often with russian battleships for some reason

    • @George Agdgdgwngo insect

    • Barbette / conning tower citadels.
      AP shell pens the barbette, but its impact angle is too sharp when it hits the other side of that barbette, so it bounces it down straight into the armour deck below autobounce and goes through for a deck cit.

      Happens to fully bow on german bbs too at times, especially when its slow USN 406mm AP with steep shell arcs.

      With that said I’ve pulled them with Izumo of all things, with its railguns with flat and shallow arcs against fully bow on Iowa’s from 15km+ range. Not just once but twice, albeit 4-5 years apart kek.

      Then there’s also NC and Florida, the top half of their bow prows are so flat, flat enough you can pen it with even cruiser AP. Or with BB AP at long range, where it might plunge enough for a frontal cit. I’ve managed to do one to a fully bow on NC with a Florida, where really the 356mm wouldn’t be able to overmatch 32mm of NCs bow.

    • @La_Potat You can’t citadel the conning tower. That’s a common misconception.

    • @Simon Lindström Yeah the conning tower isn’t a citadel. But that’s not what I’m referring to. Because certain conning towers are tubular like other barbettes, if you pen one at long range, the shell arc might force it to bounce off the other side of that tube, straight into the citadel deck below autobounce, so it penetrates the armoured deck and citadel deck, like it it were at AP bomb. I forgot which yuro vid, but one involved a usn bb shooting ap at a bow on bb, but it it the conning tower for a citadel because said scenario occured.

  14. *secondary build Ushakov*

    Conqueror and Thunderer: “Greetings good sir!”

  15. Why would you not put fire on your first captain point for a secondary build? That’s what they are good for.

  16. Would be nice for WG to have made the Ushakov able to make a secondary build with even marginal viability like the French / Flandre instead of ‘World’s Fattest Kremlin.’

  17. The main issue I find with Admiral Ushakov is it’s not really an upgrade over Kremlin. You have the same guns, basically the same armor, the same reload, but you have a worse rudder shift, worse turning circle, basically no change in speed, worse concealment. All for the every 3-4 salvos having a single accurate volley of 457mm guns with a max damage of 130,500 damage if every shell hits and scores a citadel.

    Compare that to even Patrie with no gimmick and the same base sigma but a far better dispersion pattern, where you have a possible max damage per salvo of 174,000 with just natively better accuracy on your guns giving you far more consistency in your salvos.

    If we compare it to Satsuma it’s even worse, seeing as Satsuma has basically Yamato DPM with the same super accuracy buff and a 20k increase in damage per salvo over Ushakov having 155,200 max damage and also still having a better base dispersion chart.

    There is no reason for Admiral Ushakov to be in the game, it does nothing another lower tiered ship doesn’t already do, and aside from the gimmick it’s just a fat Kremlin with more HP and a lot of downsides compared to it’s T10. So far it’s the only Supership to be like this, and honestly I’m kind of disappointed by that. Mostly because as a tank it’s still not doing that much better than most T10 Battleships are able if played in that role, 2-3mill potential damage should be the norm if you are playing with the idea of tanking. For Admiral Ushakov to be considered good at tanking in my mind it would need to at least be pulling off 3-4mill commonly, and it just can’t. The only thing the ship is good for is being a large hp piñata for HE spammers to burn down.

  18. Ushakov is a lot like the Mammoth/Apocalypse Tank from the Red Alert games – has an insane survivability rate and durability, can dish out enormous damage, and an intimidating presence on the battlefield… but ultimately isn’t a very practical unit against other players that know what they’re doing.

  19. Honestly its odd it still gets nerfed Kremlin 1373kg AP at 800m/s. At least let it fire the pre-nerf 1580kg Kremlin shells at 850m/s, if the P24 457mm 55cal firing 1720KG SHS at 820m/s is too much. I was hoping a funny super slava with record breaking long range AP pen, but the only thing that was retained was the gun accuracy that occurs once every 5 iffy salvoes. Sec build seems interesting tho, but it might just be another free farm pinata if its gun accuracy is that wack. I wonder if the former concept of a super slava will be pushed onto some future premium instead.

  20. Tbh, that push into the suicide cage at the start was dope af

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