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Played my Massachusetts in 8.0 and had a blast with her, ran all over the map to dominate. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

VIII American Battleship Massachusetts Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Thanks! Hope your mom is doing well.

  2. these peoples saying “Atago, not Alaska” not realizing that’s just his username

    and I should know, because I was that Atago 😉

  3. chat was lit at the middle of the match:
    “that notser guy seems to know what hes doing”
    “yeah he/she is scary…”


  4. I’ve heard people say that putting IFHE on some of the German BBs (Tirpitz, Bismarck, Scharnhorst, etc) does not affect the secondaries’ penetration values, while on others (Gneisnau, Großer Kürfurst) it does. Is that still accurate?

    • It is due to those already have quarter pen calculation, from 128mm and above secondaries only. German BBs were to introduce the /4 HE pen deal with their main guns and 150mm guns that pens Yamato.

      Sınce i gave the trivia, it is only worths on Gneis B hull secondaries, Freddy and Kurfürst, which have all their secondaries that can pen 26mm HE pen or above. 128mm’s cannot pen 32mm due to how HE pen mechanics work, 130’s with quarter pens however… (hoping soviets don’t have that pen)

    • well, Tirpitz’, Bismarcks etc. 105mm Secondaries can’t HEpen 19mm with out IFHE (expect Friedrich) and 19mm is the main armor of T8+ DDs and T8+ BB superstructure, so, I wouldn’t say so

    • +Kuhluh the secondaries you use for burning ships? Though it is actually usable but what are you gonna sacrifice for IFHE?

    • +Coşkun Akalın well, if I am already going for a secondary build, let’s go full meme xD (which means Manual Sec, AFT and IFHE)

    • +Coşkun Akalın CE

  5. Kinda wish the German secondaries were as good or at least as accurate.

    • +Michael Constantin You’re right about that. I loved murdering DDs with the small caliber/short fuse AP. It was a strength of the Sharnhorst when you went ham with it.

    • Clearly WG are favoring Almost all other nations to German BBs. Good job!

    • +DaManBearPig Their timing isn’t the most consistent, but WG does eventually buff ships that need it. New York for example has been in the game forever and needed something buffed just as long.

    • +Coşkun Akalın yh I struggle to play Bismark when in t10 mm, for some reason I do far better in t8s in general in t9 mm… I feel WG need to buff the accuracy, it’s just too shotgun esk.

  6. I love my massa it’s a very fun ship.

  7. At this point they should roll the +20% range from AFT into the same skill as manual secondaries…

  8. Captured German BB renamed mass lol

    • Nope. German secondaries are unreliable although it was once feared like the Skyrim’s dragons…
      Both became shit in time

  9. Bright side of T8 Massa

    and there comes the Dark side of T10 Massa….

  10. Wow, 38% hit versus the Germans measly 20-22%… daaamn… pfff…

  11. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Will we ever got something as Massachusetts secondaries and/or heal for German BBs please WG? I mean, they also should have comparable accuracy and heal cooldown because they are brawlers too right?

  12. Yes Big Mammie still works.

    It’s worked since day 1 of the patch. I’ve literally changed none of my captain builds. Hell I haven’t even swapped out spotters for fighters.

    Big Mammie is the boat I could get on to both farm planes and punish DDs and CLs just by being 11km from them. It’s secondary performance is leaps and bounds better than the Germans. If you compare the dispersion from Mannual Fire Bismark to a none-Manual Fire Mammie, they’re identical. Hence the reason why in the Mammie you skip the Manual Secondaries but on the Bismark, you absolutely need it just to hit anyone. The Mammie still wins by fire since by not having the Manual skill, your secondaries can fire on multiple targets.

    Big Mammie is how BB secondaries SHOULD be.

  13. This potato guys are always giving broadside to Notser. What’s in their mind? 15-20 K damage without cit? Really?

    • Such a nab team it almost seems staged. All in all, a good demonstration.

    • Thats just how the majority of bismarck and north carolina players play this game unfortunately. That’s why these ships are seen worse than their other t8 counterparts. I saw a guy from a hurricane clan in ranked with his f der grosse the other day and he was full broadside to me for 5 minutes straight while im doing 15k damage to him in each salvo and he was doing close to none to me because i was nose in… I was in a jean bart so he could have done easy damage to me but i know how to angle. Point is, people really need to learn how to play with german and american bbs.

  14. Pretty sad that the trade off for german BBs having bad accuracy and AA was they had long range secondaries and turtle back armour for moving in and brawling and tanking. Insert french bbs, 25mm armour that you get overpens on regularly and have better secondaries and great AA and phenomenal range. Insert mass which has better secondaries and more accurate guns and fantastic AA. Insert 8.0 changed meta found alone pushing in and your dead in german bb so have to sit with the blob far back. Perhaps a dam buff is needed to the changed meta that was introduced. You only need to look at the CCs streaming now to see alot of regular ships thet used to use are not now and now have to be very picky on what they use. also seeing them in alot more divs. Not having a go at them just saying many many ships are now not usable if you want to have even a little fun or a decent game. Its also paramount more then ever for teamwork something that has always been lacking in this game which means divs are needed but hardly guarantee success. All ships need rebalancing not just for AA but also usability in this new permanent meta. Many premium and silver dds, cls andBBs no longer recommended if you want to have any impact on the game. Its pretty sad the game feels the eay it does now. I still have ok games if i pick certain ships but the game is alot more boring now and i find myself logging off after two or three game wher as before i could play for hours. The game needs xp rework based on class not damage, it needs ship adjustments as example many ships need more range, longer smokes and so on and the UI for many has made the game unplayable and causing alot of players to DC at the start of the game or during or freeze in port meanwhile the game is introducing new lines, new premiums and so on. Like building a house on weak foundations it only ends one way. A game that has a boring feel to it, UI issues and unbalanced rewarding bad teamwork. Sorry about my long gas bag

    • Just a random Horse.

      Seems like something I would write after trying out my german BBs 😛 Poor RN, IJN and KM BBs… powercreeped by the French of all things , and soon the RU

    • Just a random Horse. RN BB’s deserve to be powercrept, and I feel IJN BB’s are still quite solid, no gimmicks just good guns. Except for the Amagi, the Amagi is a disgrace. I don’t know why so many other IJN BB’s have been getting love like the myogi nagato and izumo but the Amagi is untouched

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      +BeefKid Gaming personally I loved Amagi, having 30 knots speed like a German, while at the same time having the biggest broadside of T8 with 10x 410mm guns (second in terms of penetration power to only USN SHS 406mm) and that Japanese trait of tighter horizontal dispersion, plus decent troll turtleback armour at close ranges === for glorious point blanks with huge broadsides OR glorious long range snipes and one shots (I once triple citadeled a semi angled Montana for 50-60k at 22km with spotter plane). A Multi-role beastly battlecruiser/fast battleship that she is.

    • maybe, but it’s always better to wait till the ÿay new ships lets all try them all the fucking time’ wears of before making changes

    • Just a random Horse.

      +BeefKid Gaming why should a line deliberately be powercreeped? That’s just stupid, don’t be surprised when people camp at the back of the map in RN BBS, firing only HE… That’s the only playstyle that works, I’ve tried a few.

  15. Pay to win, what can you say ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • REALLY?! all these mid tier noobs praising his average decent player gameplay. Notser played well and the enemies didnt, thats all this is a representation of.

  16. gj… loved the 911 in the end lol

  17. This build honestly feels a lot less fun if you’re not top tier which you frequently aren’t

  18. I run nothing but secondaries on my T8-10 French and T7-10 German BBs. This would be the only ship/build that I would run IFHE for the reasons you explain. After many many many tests on all these ships, I concluded that for Tiers 8-10 on ships that have a high fire % chance with secondaries, you are far better off farming DOT with the fire chance than a slight DPS increase with IFHE (which also nerfs your fire%). If you know how to keep switching your secondaries from target to target based on the number of fires you set, this will significantly increase your secondary effectiveness in game. This works especially well for french BBS like the alsace and repulblique that have high Fire% on their 152s. Most I have had is near 100k in one match from secondary fires alone. I regularly see 25-50k. Cheers CC123

    • +Drunk Squirrel Um, if you re-read what I wrote, Im stating that you SHOULD use IFHE for your secondary build on the Mass. But for all others, especially the Alsace and Republique, you shouldnt use IFHE. Their 152s have a higher fire chance and IFHE nerfs your DOT. My testing also showed only a slight DPS increase using IFHE on BB superstructures only, but at a considerable fire DOT cost. There was no DPS advantage using IFHE against DDs, and Cruisers. Again, this was mostly due to the 152s on French and equivalent (cant remember their bigger calibre) German BBs, especially the Kurfy.

    • +CC123Aus not enough fire chance anymore on german bbs really esspecially not on bismark/torpitz so ifhe is a must, it wouldnt be needed if they kept the german bbs unnerfed n left them be but no they are not able to really brawl anymore “oh but their turtleback” doesnt mean shit when focusd by 6players as a brawler and secondary build.. watchign this notser wasnt even brawling really he stood mid to near max secondary range for all but 1 ship he faced.. that isnt much brawler ship

    • +GreatFreedom Kurfie, 128s = 5% fire which are meh, 150 = 8% fire which is good. These do all the DOT work, provided you remember to switch targets as you set fires. Tirps and Bmark, 105s, = 5% (meh again), 150s = 8%. So they are the same as the Kurfie. Overall, my testing (which was over several months) was pretty conclusive, if you farm with a fully specked fire build, I was getting on average anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3rd or more of my total damage output from Secondaries, of which the majority or vast majority of damage was fire, not direct DPS. DDs and Cruisers suffered no extra DPS from IFHE when trailed on all BBS (except mass as I dont have it) I made extensive notes/made recordings etc. Only BB superstructures were effected by IFHE secondaries and frankly, I dont have an issue where Im needing to rely on secondaries for a little more damage on BBs. Thats what my primary guns are for. However, as I mentioned earlier, its really the Alsace and Republique that shine at this. So I respectfully disagree, the fire % still holds sway for DOT over and above DPS with German secondaries, even the Bmark and Tirpz and I find them highly effective for fire/DOT. IFHE is a nerf and I dont recommend it at all for anything except this Mass build Notser is using. The only exception to my recommendation is dependent on your play. If you dont like to farm, or dont keep an eye on targets to your left, right, behind while you fight the one in front, then maybe IFHE is a better choice for you.

    • +CC123Aus nope sorry not no more fire chance is a joke on t8s dps from them with way they constantly changed every other ship and the germans secondaries pen is better choice for more damage esspecially since you wont ever get in close anymore so long as they have the meta of sit in the back do fuck all ive played t8s ever since iearned my iowa n bought torpitz upon first release so i know of full secondary build from max 6.5km range they nerfed the german bbs from t7 to 10 on secondary builds in favor of the french n british fire chance was reduced to utter shit that ufhe is one of only ways to do decent dps since you wont get much fire sitting much at distance since u wont be able to get in close anymore hell even watching notser he couldnt even get past 8-9km closet was the one dd who got to 2.5 which is rare these days for a ship like bismarck n torpitz to get to where they shine without being ganked

    • +GreatFreedom I too have been playing German BBs since the Tirpitz was buffed to match the Bmark. Anyhow, not going to go round in circles on this, Ive posted my thoughts based on extensive testing over several years and will leave it at that. Cheers, CC123

  19. Those secondaries fire further than some ships main guns lol

  20. How about making germans good at the one thing they are ment to be good at wargaming.

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