SECONDARY POWER – 280K Alsace game || World of Warships

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  1. they dont hit hard like german sec BUT many guns and a good reload…..

  2. Why I never have oponents like this -.-

    • yep i know that feeling when you watch videos here then go in game start play like this but die in seconds

  3. Horrid scroll zooming noob

  4. Was a fun match broadsides everywere.

  5. That’s how it’s fun to play BB… rushing and sinking everyone x)

  6. Darf ich hier jemanden Grüßen ?

  7. 9:11 That dispersion tho was disgusting

  8. Scroll zooming… mark of a true pro

  9. Amazing Blyatman [Tim R.]

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Most impressive
    This player plays agressive

  10. Best game I’ve seen in a while! Thanks.

  11. How they always hit a citadel 7/10 salvos

  12. Do you -60% less secondary gun dispersion in captain build ?

  13. I’ve tested Alsace, and Republigues’ secondaries and found that IFHE is not needed. I hosted a training room my Republique vs GK *fellow clan mate) and I got 17 fires to his 9 fires. He was using IFHE in our secondary are against each other. He died all five times. We then used our tier 10 captains in our premium ship Tirpitz vs Gascogne. I got 13 fires to his 7 fires. French secondaries will burn you to death, at one point I had three fires on his Tirpitz. Fyi Jean-Jacques Honore Rocks with AR!!!!

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