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A video showing game i played after the new update secondaries and commander skills. I think there pretty and i thought way the preformed were excellent albeit either too weak or too strong in certain respects.


  1. What was your captain set up?

    • My captain setup was a bit of mess since i was experimenting, so i wouldn’t copy it outright if i were you but here it is.

      gun feeder 1 point: shell switching time is just an amazing skill
      Grease the gears, 2 points: I saw 20 percent faster turret turn speed and went YES
      Long range secondaries. 3 points: I was trying for a full secondary build so, no brainer i guess.
      Close quarters combat. 4points: main battery reload when in secondary range seemed good since i was going to be pushing in to brawl.
      Improved secondary battery aiming. 4points: basically just manual secondaries and i wanted to test the new version where it fires off both sides.
      Emergency repair expert. 4points: I wanted to see if the increased healing and faster cooldown compensated for losing superintendent, it does, its awesome.

      So, in total, 18 point captain. wall of text.exe

  2. !!!! 35 sec hit did not notice that you lost the sec guns accuracy when you mark your enemy 60% to 35 % ,,in game like that you should have at least 150 or 200 sec gun hits lol ha ha ..the sec guns become garbage and become garbage on the German bb’s

    • I am aware of the decrease in accuracy. The trade off is worth it in my opinion. Secondaries now fire from both sides of the ship and are less skill point intensive to make work on a captain build.

      the trade off is essentially worse secondaries, that were already a pretty trash build even on the best of ships like the mass and georgia, for a better overall brawler playstyle. Now you can take skills for healing, maneuverability accuracy and turret traverse while also going secondaries.

      that was the point of the video, showing that i could do more than just secondaries on a brawling ship.

      I can see why you would think secondarie ships are bad now. But you should actually try brawling before declaring it bad.

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