Seconds away – World of Warships

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Sometimes there are nothing more but few seconds or few points separating you from victory or defeat.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. last time I was this early , Jingles was still in the navy

  2. BOOMyouDEAD more infamous than Flambass himself!

  3. Cap superiority is critical. Otherwise, you’ll be chasing kills until the end of the game. ='[.]’=

  4. André Las Casas

    That mino is really trying to be positive

  5. Flambass seems to have developed an intermittent twitch in his right eye, maybe playing too much.

  6. HAHA “Im complementing a gawddang Smolensk” good stuff 🙂

  7. no idea how misses Citadell was able to endure such a long time :p

  8. Phew! Sounds like I’m missing a deep stream this morning!

  9. “Sign here? Certainly.” signs the name Chester Drawers

    • I was thinking…”Mickey Mouse”. I was in the 82nd Airborne and every parachute had a small log book the parachute rigger(the person who packed the ‘chute) was supposed to sign. I was always VERY nervous whenever I looked at the log and saw ‘Mickey Mouse’ had signed the log…

  10. Order And Discord

    10:50 I actually felt that. Oof

  11. 9 years? Ana and I just last weekend celebrated 41 years. Piker.

  12. What happened to monkey? That guy needs to come back lol

  13. This video. It started off and I was scratching my head wondering what was happening. Fast forward to the end and it was like from a totally different video.

    Anyway, happy nine years for April 13 my duder. I lift a drink to the continued health for both of you (and the cats) and your relationship.

  14. ‘Sweet Lying’ and WG’ing, have never met.

  15. Its kinda funny how they blame u for staying so far back but if u would have pushed into them u would get smacked by shima and thunderrer

  16. I had a professor in college, if anyone came in late or anything he would drop whatever he was talking about declare, “and that’s the single most important thing I’ll talk about all term, and I’m not going to repeat myself.”

  17. Christopher Stringer

    Glad to see I am not the only one left that looses there shit over liars.

  18. Firefighting Guy

    I was just about eating my phone with my eyes. I couldn’t look away heart pounding till the end

  19. Getting exasperated because DD did same manoeuvre you do, priceless.

  20. jesus first minute and flambass is giving relationship advice. omg what have we wrought. rofl

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