Seconds from Winning – World of Warships

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Interesting game in the Grozovoi, I tried my best to stay in the game and deal with powerful destroyers. Hope you enjoy this super close game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Soviet Grozovoi Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. First! Good video!

  2. Excellent video and skill in the Groz. Nice.

  3. Can you do a blueprint video or just another gameplay video on the freidrich der grosse / grosser kürfurst? I have a lot of trouble playing them. thanks notser 🙂

  4. Notser
    6:07 Please explain this disengage bloom shrinks immediately thing. How does this work?

    • he WAS spotted…and 20 secs didnt finish before bloom shrunk. that doesnt make sense

    • Disengaging for seconds can allow bloom to recover much faster

    • really?? last time i checked u need to wait 20 secs since the last time u were spotted for shooting guns.
      20 secs didnt pass since the last time u shot the hindenburg and got spotted by him…
      actually its about 15 secs MAX since the last time u shot the hinden when u were 100% without cover as last shot he was getting into cover so not sure it counted.
      so close but still strange

    • RequiemGamingLikeR

      The bloom only shrinks immediately if you are undetected even with the bloom active. You would have to have smoke or island cover, or be really far away.

    • but he WAS detected when he was shooting the hinden

  5. I’ve been on a team that reached 999 and lost…

  6. Blame the Shima for chasing that BB

  7. Hey, Notser, can you do a video on the Iowa? I’ve had it for a while, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

    • It has incredibly accurate guns if you got all the upgrades with US Superheavy AP shells. Go bow in to tank, but be aware that you are very easy to citadel. Dont be overly tempted with the rear turret unless your not under threat at all.

    • I’ll look to make one

    • Its fast and stealthy, but if you used to German and Japanese BBs gun ballistics, you may find Iowa ‘s shell takes longer in the air, so have to aim a liitle further than you usually do.

  8. If you were streaming, they likely knew where you and your entire team was most of the match since stream sniping is catching on now.

  9. So, do you like this build with Concealment better than that other Groz. build you were trying out that had AFT and a bunch of tier 3’s?

  10. not sure using your AP on a DD was worth it…only overpens.
    it does work with german 128mm DDs as well as 100mm akizuki type DDs. also british light AP works…but really not sure about others

  11. I stopped playing WOWS because of guys like that friendly Shimakaze. He spends the first 7 minutes humping the western border and unsuccessfully fighting the FdG. He finally stops doing that to realize A has been wide open for minutes, caps it, then from the 11:00 mark on he wanders aimlessly well north of where his team needs him, instead choosing to (unsuccessfully) stalk the same FdG he failed to kill earlier. All the while he could’ve been down in the thick of things putting his concealment, torps, and yes even his guns to work on targets that actually mattered.

    Maybe the Shima is a kid, or a noob borrowing their friend’s account, or someone with a disability but I just can’t deal with it. I like this game but my blood pressure can’t handle actually playing it.

  12. Wow, great exciting game !

  13. with a mini map that big, you might want to turn down the transparency. I find it helps with a little less clutter on the screen 🙂

  14. 15 mins in to game and a FDG full HP pops up on the B line. epic play.

  15. That entire game was amazing and it seemed like everyone was trying so hard! Great map and great entertainment! Thanks for the upload, Notser.

  16. That enemy FdG; gets tier 9 German BB and still seems clueless as to what they’re for, lol.
    Your Shima would’ve been more use capping behind them than spraying torps at a BB that probably had hydro.
    Interesting to see how many results come down to a few who do the heavy lifting, isn’t it? Shame WG’s reward system isn’t more nuanced to double what those players get and give the hangers-on nothing.

  17. Anyone know why it’s rare to sée khaba in eu server ?

  18. That Shima is a cancer on this game. So many bad players…

    • Made it a personal rule to never support a Shima (unless they are in my divission). 9/10 they are useless and refuse to act as a DD.


  20. That Shima was a thrower

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