Secrets of Life – F2P World of Warships

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Welcome to Flambass World of Warships streams where we camo the questions and unveil the answers to secrets of life, all while creating hidden love msgs for onse we love while making riddles…oh…and playing WoWS yes.

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Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Flamba

  2. In crust we truss. bust

  3. Answer to the question is, if at all, only valid for each class separately:
    DD: British
    Cruisers: US or Russian
    BB: Russian.
    CV: Skip
    And that is obviously not true for everybody… but should never be a complete failure.

  4. That CV spreading some positive vibes was a gem <3

  5. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    b) 42
    c) ask and listen
    d) write something good
    e) be the son of the richest man alive
    a) follow the russian bias

  6. Welcome to a special “Arts & Crafts” edition of World of Warships. =9[.]9=

  7. Here’s a tough question: will you get Kitakami this december ?

  8. the one and only answer to which tech tree is most OP, for both WoWs and WoT is RUSSIA. Period. The real question is How did the chicken cross the road?

  9. Yes!

  10. Answer: 42!

  11. The Andrea Doria at tier 6 is by far one of my best ships. It makes NO sense, considering the stats on that ship, but I have had more impact and success with it than many tier 10 ships. What was so interesting is that the next ship in the line at tier 7 was garbage for me. Scharnhorst is also one of my best ships, for similar reasons, even though the guns are painfully underpowered. I just learned what works for me. What it comes down to is that every ship has quirks that play naturally to how YOU work, meaning there is no tech-tree that works for everyone. You just need to identify how to be as non-potato with the ships you play. That’s really all it is.

  12. Thats a real easy question to answer… the Russian tech-tree! No other faction gets Stalinium armour, rail guns and even, on occasion, the ghost of Stalin actually guiding your shells straight to the enemies citadel. I thought everyone knew this by now. 😀

  13. HEE HEEEEEEE…..shamona.

  14. that captain always yelling sh*t is so annoying 😂

  15. For me the most forgiving was english light cruisers and DDs

  16. yes yes. tell us master. rofl

  17. USS Black doesn’t launch torpedoes. it lays sea mines and lets the current carry them toward the enemy…

  18. Damn that commander is annoying.

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