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  1. this PA Cruiser line makes Shima look like a Noob, with the new wall of skill

  2. luckily Missery decided to play gotta catch em all or woulda been rough scratching points off terrible artillery thanks for vid trenla ,hard to have utility when the paper armour is same metal they used for arty shells sad pens .

  3. give shima a torp reload booster

  4. Here comes Kitikami, baby. It’s only a matter of time now. All you young people have no idea how fun it was to have three perma-pink Kitikamis on each side filling the entire map screen with angry fish.

  5. 3:44 damn that view is dirty. 32 torps.

    Torp power, 5″ guns, smoke and concealment. So a while back we got a super light cruiser line that takes a DD slot, now we get a super heavy DD line that takes a cruiser spot.

  6. Looks underpowered, need twice as many torps with twice the speed, range and damage and they need to be regular torps. 5km base detection.petro armor, yama hp, 20 km radar with 15 min duration,also hydro with 15 min duration and12 km range, smoke need to last 15 min and follow the ship at max speed, also need airstrikes and finally the guns need 3x the pen. Then it would actually be a good boat. That wont happen before they release a similar russion ship tho…

  7. enough torps in the water to cross from one island to the other without getting wet feet as jingles would say . .

  8. That torps wall is gross cant wait to get dev struck by this thing and yeah apparently the AP only pens 129mm at 3km so yeah pretty rubbish 😛 explains why you couldnt citadel edin

  9. WOW… I haven’t been playing WOWS for 2 years. Sejong is the king who made letter of our country(Republic of Korea).
    He was a very good king. Happy to see here. btw although I stopped to play WOWS I still watch your youtube thx

    Edit: Fun fact. We have Aegis Destroyer named King Sejong the Great

  10. The Tier 10 of this, a Schlieffen and a Smolensk walk into a bar… Everybody cries.

  11. DD`s became obsolite. Almost all ships have torps, smoke now…

  12. German heavy dds are the hard counter to this line of ships.

  13. WG: “What if we made a smoke cruiser that can also deploy a torpedo skill wall….”

  14. Damn that first torp salvo. Although 6 hits for 1 flood
    Imagine if this thing had normal torps. Just a benham worth of torps nuking dds

  15. Wonder if we’ll see anti-ship missiles in 2022.

  16. Move over Benham, Tripple Sejong in T9 will be immensely fun.

  17. have you not played the atlanta? this is just as fragile with low damage guns. fun to play, but no super ship by any means. you did well in it though.

  18. 7:51, priority sector, AA booster, on a cruiser with dual purpose main battery. Shoots down 1 plane…
    WG: Balanced 😎

  19. The amount of torpedoes that Shimakaze would have wished for. 4 quadruple launchers and reload booster

  20. Her guns sound great! I have only bought 6 bundles and I’m not buying anymore. I got the 12k tokens on the 4th bundle and this beautiful ship on the 6th bundle. I’m out! 🎤 DROP….. Worst thing about her is that her AP is complete GARBAGE!!! Great content, as always, Trenlass! 🇺🇸

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