Sevastopol – Review – T10 Soviet Cruiser | World of Warships

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The Sevastopol is the newest Special Tier 10 Soviet Cruiser. It has 6x 380mm guns.

Price: 58,000 Research Points

I do play this match when I record the video, giving you live commentary and thoughts whilst playing the ship. This is actually a recorded video, and not taken from twitch. 😀

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment, like or sub. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Armour Layout
02:16 Build
02:44 Ship Characteristics
03:15 Camouflage
03:48 Game 1
18:28 Score 1
19:36 Game 2
28:45 Score 2
29:45 Build
30:10 Summary and Conclusion


  1. People waiting for Seva be like “It’s been 84 years…but she’s here”

    Thx Malta Big Fan

  2. The Armoured Armadillo

    Good video, think I’ll get the Druid and Yolo Emilio first for sure because this ship is OK at best.
    Big fan

    • 2 more 2x resets (so 6 months) and i can get 3 RP ships at once. Definitely going for Ohio and Vampire 2. The 3rd was supposed to be either Druid or Sevastopol, but honestly after those reviews it looks meh, which is not a bad thing, because i already hate that i want all steel ships but can only afford 1 per year.
      Will definitely go for Druid now.

    • I’m in the same boat. I think i’m going Druid over this

  3. BTW I am waiting for a Hampshire review if it is out of NDA thou, it does look like a working version of Gibraltar but at tier 8 so who knows.

    • I can’t talk about ships that are currently in NDA, maybe you’ll find out more in the future.

    • The Armoured Armadillo

      Well coming soon so got to be out of nda soon too. Web campaign is in a couple of weeks so you’ll probably have to wait until then

  4. I will probably just pick Vampire II or Slava next.

    Seems kinda DOA, this could have been okay ship pre-captain rework, or if she would have at least a radar or icebreaker.

    These super-heavy cruisers are honestly not enjoyable to play, literally mald enducing to take long fire after long fire and on this VHS casette of a ship to try to rely on your team to spot/use utility correctly.

  5. they‘ve gone full circle. This thing offers nothing over Incomparable.

    • It’s incomparable to it

    • It’s a cruiser

    • @TacticalBeard and plays like a battleship

    • Incomparable has a better super heal, better concealment, longer speed boost duration, hydro, torps, 510mm guns which means it overmatches it everywhere, and it also has better armour. Thoughts? Oh and it’s a battleship, so you can actually run the fire prevention skills unlike Sevastopol. Oh yeah I almost forgot, Incomparable has normal DCP so it doesn’t run out, and it has 21k alpha with the build XD

  6. the heal makes me think about UK Superheal but without their Quick 3D Printer lol

  7. Thanks for another great review.

  8. Finally Sevastopol is out, and honestly it doesnt look that terrible, i feel like it has some potential and yes even if slave could do most things better than seva i would prefer the manouverbility, thanks for the vid

  9. The heal on this ship seems like more of a hindrance honestly. It’s big, sure. But it takes ages to get your health back, and once you’ve used it you can’t heal again for an eternity. A standard heal would probably be better imo.

  10. Seems like she would be very strong in a meta dominated by HE throwing cruisers. In this age of destroyers and battleships, she doesn’t have a lot going for her over other cruisers.

  11. That Napoli in game 2 was playing like a giga dog. Dude sailed one way flat broadside through the cap. Turned and sailed the complete opposite way flat broadside (clearly to get all his torps off because Napoli is a torp cruiser kappa). Then you manage to eat his torps LMAO

  12. Oh you can bet this new type of heal will be in a new tech line! Anyway, seems unique enough, wonder how it’ll do when released because that armor sucks. The skill ceiling will be super high too, and potatoes will die in no time.

  13. Vermont with a good rng = 💥
    But btw Sevastopol supposed to have Petro angle pen… So it’s better than Sieg gun.

  14. Like, Bourgogne has nearly twice the theoretical DPM of this thing plus a reload booster. I don’t think it’s great.

  15. No way I’m going to spend 60K research bureau points in this no-radar absolutely inaccurate ship

  16. Gerardo González

    Tbh i was so excited to see realese this ship buts its looks “ok” that heal in paper sounds good but im practice it could be a negative part if you don’t know how to use. Im almost like 55 research points so maybe pick Colbert for fun xD

  17. Thanks For your review!
    In my opinion, Sevastopol is an interesting cruiser!

  18. certified malteseknight moment in that second game

  19. Thanks Malta, I will sit this one out I think. I mean Im glad they did not introduce yet another totally overpowered Russian cruiser but this thing kinda sucks tbh. Maybe torps and normal DCP or only 30 seconds fire duratuon would be a good improvement. Oh well

  20. Not as good as many of the other ships in game now, only reason WG has it out there Is because , Petro , Stalingrad, And Mosk are better really..

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