SHAFT vs OM – World of Warships KotS 13

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This was one of those games were you see something for the 1st time, and by someone you didn’t expect it from. Very well done, GG WP.

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  1. “It’s a split second decision” when broadside to torpedoes. One that my brain manages to get wrong pretty much every time.

  2. I really like watching these tournament games.

  3. I hope you show more of the good KotS-Matches 🙂

  4. Do i literally need to train hard enough to make a team for king of the seas before i can get games without subs and cvs?

  5. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Flambass the interrupter. I love him to death, but I think if it weren’t for the other guy commentating… Flambass might still be talking about that Gearing taking a torp at the beginning of the match. He talks in loops.

  6. That was a very nice game, I would like to see game 2 as well now 🙂

  7. This camera is so much better than from the official WG stream. Thank you!

  8. my god, OM got absolutely shafted there

  9. saw it on Stream, that was a Fun Game 😀

  10. Please put up more EU KOTS content. I tried watching SEA but their commentator was as exciting as watching someone call out bingo numbers.

  11. I stick around for tarkov and kots lol

  12. A good watch. Thanks.

  13. Flamu, kots 12:
    “the shaft is red”

  14. Love these KOtS reviews and analysis.

  15. Shaft?
    *Damn right.*

  16. I love how even WG recognizes the game becomes so much more interesting and entertaining when all their bullshit is banned, but they refuse to stop making more

  17. That felt like a very good, but slow, game of WoT.

  18. Amazing game, we’re can I watch more of these replays any1?

  19. OM got SHAFTed 😀 many people will probably find close matches far more exciting, but this demonstration of how one team can dismantle the other with surgical precision – and not simply as a result of a critical mistake or RNG – was very impressive.

  20. Darkness Nighthingale

    I love when these get uploaded.

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