Shattering Hopes and Dreams! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Hi Spartan – would love some games with the new British tech tree tier 8 ships. I have enough silver to buy one of them and struggling to decide!

  2. Keep up the good work Mr.S!

  3. Do a battle royal with another cc. However many tier 7 bb there are split between two of you. Highest damage end of match. Highest moves to next round. So on so fourth. Then so tier 8 then legendary. Then winners face off

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing a how to on the Buffalo comparing it to the Baltimore.

  5. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    Been a while since i’ve seen Dunkerque, The Meet the is outdated as you didn’t have Jaujard back then so a New Meet the, would be good. Also got Giulio Cesare from a free crate today. Also have an Anshan so some videos on those would be good.

    Build try: Rupprecht with Pickup Commander (You lose Secondary Accuracy and Range but gain Will to Rebuild and gain more Secondary Charges with Shorter Cooldowns). Not sure if it’s good or not, more like an Experiment.

  6. BBS .mid tier Japanese I find quite difficult to do well consistent so a video about them would be cool.
    Or mid tier Russian BBS as I could do with tips using them.

    No DD videos, in my opinion they have a low skill cap. It’s usually a mistake by the DD player that gets them killed, or being hunted by other dds or cruisers ( but when does that ever happen ?
    Stay invisible and launch the wall of skill at BBS – standard DD play.

  7. Spartan i fricking love the montana videos! I would love to see you do one more Maine vid, i just unlocked it and need help on how to build and play it please!! It deserves more love its pretty much monty at tier 8! Also yamato we need more yamato vids! Love the work bud keep being you love from the UK!❤️⚓️

  8. Any BB video is good for me. Finally unlocked Bismarck and upgraded Iowa all the way. Kansas and Amagi next for the Bureau. Almost done with Montana and Yamato! 🙌🏻 Great work on the videos, love watching them all.

  9. Hey Spartan! Great content as always. I’d like to see a Tier List of current Bureau Projects.

  10. After watching your Montana video the other day, I changed how I play my Montana slightly & during a game I managed to hit an opposing broadside Montana for over 45k, 2 citadels in a single salvo!
    Just them slight adjustments that you showed does deliver.
    More instructional videos would be greatly appreciated.👍

  11. For whatever reason tier 3-5 British battleships and I just didn’t get along but I decided to give King George V a chance the other day and unlocked her. Have to say, I didn’t think I’d like the little guns at first but I’ve been kinda impressed by the higher rate of fire and the ridiculous fire chances in this thing. Plus she was a real ship that did some history, always a plus in my book, I prefer real ships or ships like Montana that came very close to being built. Moral of the story, give every ship a chance.

  12. Please do a video comparing the differences of Marco Polo without the SAP upgrade, and with the SAP upgrade

  13. By the way . I love how you try to get players to play better . How come players aren’t seeded?

  14. I wouldn’t mind seeing how the Neptune compares to the Edinburgh. I’ve unlocked it but not cared enough to play it, just delved into grinding the American BBs so if you could have a mooch at these it would be good to see

  15. hey man i just found your channel great warships content you and tbull my go to for this game now!

  16. Montana is a good battleship, my first Battle 6 ciutadel a yamato 😅

  17. Can we see more of the German battle cruisers in action because they are fun and they make great videos

  18. Spartan I wanna watch some more videos on Des Moines, Mino and Plymouth please. As well as Marlborough. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  19. Would like to see the Monaghan or Jervis ..two of my favourites Spartan

  20. Love watching Montana slap, the Kleber in that match had themselves a ball too! Other than your main battleships I think I would like to see some daka (take your pick), I know sometimes you struggle to get a decent game because of reasons but I do have a little bit of a thing for daka ruining someone’s day 😁

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