Shchors Cruiser | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox1

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Gameplay of the Shchors Russian Soviet Cruiser in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on Xbox1 and PS4.


  1. BattlestarPegasus

    Ooh, am I first for the first time ever?

  2. oddFutureWolfHaley


  3. Great battle and nice positioning, but it seems that she is a difficult ship as you can’t use her in open waters

  4. No armor, great guns, massive citadel – the definition of “glass cannon” A lethal weapon in hands of the skilled, the rest will just explode and slink back to their Jean barts..>Good video

  5. Hey destroyers players, you have guns… USE THEM!

    • I’ve seens hundreds of DDs get killed, often throwing the match in the process, because they refuse to shoot. It’s a balancing act as to when they should be shooting, but most DD players either shoot way too often or way to infrequently

    • Well, I main Destroyers, and I usually don’t shoot unless:

      1. The Ship is focusing another target
      2. I have a Smoke ready
      3. We are winning by a lot
      4. The Enemy ship has very low Health
      5. There is an Island near by to break Visibility

    • Especially British DD’s, they have so much smoke in a situation like that

    • @Mr. Hakim cmon obviously I’m not talking about shooting as the main form of damage

      I’m talking about the DDs that try to torp other DDs or CAs like here, or they waste time sending torps at a ship that is 1 shot..

      The DD here was doing nothing to help by not shooting here.

      Edit: atleast try and start a fire to help tbull, if tbull died then the DD would be screwed anyway

    • @Tbull Seems to me that DD players are either at one extreme or the other of the IQ bell curve. The ones that are found on the far left are most often on my team.

  6. Worst map. Played this map with no DDs. 10 min of sitting in caps. Good vid, you definetly know your cruisers.

    • I like it when the DDs are spotting, but if everyone is huddled together sucking their thumbs and sobbing then it’s the most aggravating map we have

  7. RU AP is great due to the shells velocity , these cruisers are really amazing. RU cruisers will bring balance to seas because they counter both bbs and dds which are the most popular classes . Great game as always captain and cruisers using range is actually good tactics I have been using this tactics a long time with mogami and charls martel.

  8. I find your cruiser matches very entertaining and it’s been making me play cruisers more lately!

  9. I like it much 🙂

  10. I thought WG had fixed the MM. We’re still getting 4 or 5 DDs per side !

  11. Beautiful!

  12. The Russian premium battleship Nikolai 1 can be bought in the Microsoft store…

  13. hello tbull its been a while

  14. I still think the destroyers are garbage but i am getting better at them but the cruisers i think will replace as my favorite. I was devastating using the kirov and i played 1 match with the Budovosky and really liked it. i also have my commander at 14 but i run more of a ap build and have the cruiser equivlinte of twist and track so i get an indication of which direction the closest ship is which some destroys that like to run and hide probably did not like the fact that i was still able to run them down and destroy them. I got 14 citadels in 1 match against 3 different cruisers and 1 battleship that got to close

  15. Russian cruiser impressions so far? Great guns, but fragile and handle like a cement truck

  16. Got a day behind in my viewing…GG, sir…these ships seem to work well for you… I miss the maneuverability, but the guns do indeed sing…

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