ShenYang 9 KILL carry Comeback || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Why would you go sealclubbing in a Shenyang lol. We all know Clemson is the ultimate OG sealclubber

  2. I love your videos, but your intro in this can cause Epilepsy. Please consider making it less “blinky”.
    I wish I could play like this.

  3. If this video was a little longer maybe we could watch 37 more ads.

  4. this baguetto-morph ship is incredible

  5. Was really 10 kills if you count the devastating strike on the island….

  6. Валерий Альбертин

    👍👍👍Стоит, 9 штук это просто аут, молодец.

  7. How impressive – T4 Game and slaughtering bots….

  8. Ich habe ein ganz gutes Game mit der Mutsuki letztens hin bekommen, wenn du willst kann ich dir das sicherlich irgendwie zusenden.

  9. Play in low tiers is fun

  10. Petra - wir uns kennenlernen

    1:41 außergewöhnlich

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