Shikishima Improvement – World of Warships

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I remember when this ship came out, I loved it. The guns were working and games were lasting. I was breaking 200k every game, and then, like someone flipped a key, this ship stopped performing well for me.

Ever since it is one of the worst ships for me but my stats on it are not that bad. Unfortunately you need ALL 3 conditions to be good to have high stats and that means Win rate, Damage AND Kills.

Damage usually depends on how long you last and can you shoot, kills can be quite a gamble with RNG and greedy teammates but win rate is super dependent on teams.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. enjoying watching this lil series of “self-improvement”
    ty Flambass!!

  2. The Caspian sea monster… flies at about 500 miles an hour and can deliver hundreds of troops or dozens of tanks onto a shore.

  3. Project 903 works on ground effect. The absolute last thing that needs to be implemented into the game but knowing WG they will find a way. You two just gave them the idea.

    • Not till they make Moskova Missiles actually function in game… But not counting either out 🙁

    • It would be pretty fun, screw all the old BBs CL, DDs, etc. Remove them from the game. Have ekrano planes, hybrid BBs, rocket powered suicide planes and first to a kraken gets a nuclear submarine 😀

  4. Watched a 30min video about that bahemoth a few days ago it was one crazy megaship

  5. Would you say Shikishima is better or Yamato with Leg Mod?

    And also should I even bother getting Leg mod for Yamato if I already have Satsuma which is superaccurate anyway

  6. It’s called an Ekranoplan. It uses surface tension/ground effect of the water.

  7. It’s a plane; it flies aprox 2m from the surface of the water, using ground effect; which is where the lift of a wing is at it’s highest…

    It’s not like a hovercraft, that has a rubber skirt that makes an air cussion under the vehicle, but flies totally free from contact of the water once it has reached speed for “lift off”

  8. imagine loading a sub in shiki barrels, fire it and while the sub is in the air it can launch torpedos as skip bombing torpedos or something like that XD

  9. See Trenlas in a sub and think: He passed right by carriers in the trolling list.

  10. Trenlass describing the ekranoplane had me in bits

  11. You can see that plane. Well if you don’t mind being in a war zone. It’s on the south coast of Ukraine in the Donbass on the Azov sea. It’s also made of concrete.

  12. Project 903 is now abandoned and you can actually go see it. @BaldandBankrupt actually went to see it. Great channel by the way, if you don’t know who he is.

  13. Trenlass was talking about the Akranoplan.

  14. Let’s start with catamarans(SMS vulkan), then hydrofoils(pegasus class), and then hovercrafts(project 1239), then ekranoplanes…
    Also, since we have radar in the game, maybe we can try some stealth ships….

    Let’s see how well this world burns….

  15. Wing in ground effect the Caspian sea monster

  16. Those Shiki guns are pretty anemic.

  17. It’s an ground effect vehicle. It actually flies.
    Called “Ekranoplan” or “The Caspian Sea Monster”.
    Ground effect is when you can fly with very low energy input close to the ground. Birds often do that.

  18. Trenlass was talking about the Ekranoplan, surface or ground effect “ship”. Works like a airplane with its wing in ground effect. This is when the airfoil is within up to one span length of the ground or surface. The Ekranoplan design used engine thrust over the upper camber of the airfoil to generate much more lift than its initial airspeed would be able to give it, shortening the distance before the “ship” could get airborne. Size of a small ship but speed like an airplane, not crazy fast, but like 200-300+ knots. DON”T need these in WoWs.

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