Shikishima – PUNCHING HOLES INTO SHIPS WITH 510MM GUNS – World of Warships

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  1. More Shiki… MOAARR!

  2. The sound of those guns <3

  3. They should extend the maps by about the same size as a standard cap point , but inside this new zone it acts like the map border , your ship gets slower the closer you get to the map edge , if you eventually touch the map edge you get a 30 second count to leave until your ship detonates .

    • no slowing or longer countdown to detonation, otherwise not a bad idea. If you run into the border with a BB and don’t have enough angle, it takes far longer than 30 seconds to get detached from the border, even if you try to move around immediately after hitting the border as it is now – at least with the clunky and slow mid tier BBs.

    • Glad your not In charge of anything………

  4. What music are you listening to? Its terrible! 😉

  5. a german with nukes Uh-Oh

  6. Vermont should get 30 sec reload

  7. Vertical dispersion seems to have got worse at times. Had a bad day yesterday with it. Final straw got me killed spectacularly, couldn’t believe an Akizuki broadside at a broadside low health Fletcher at 2Km or so – two shells high, rest in the water well short! His didn’t miss unfortunately. Quit for the day in frustration…

  8. Playing Minnesota fdg and lion and man the vertical dispersion is awful every game only 1 shell per turret can hit

  9. I think there should be boarder damage

  10. What’s the record for killing a CV?

    I challenge you to best it!

  11. they should give SAP to Shikishima

  12. @One ANGRY CANADIAN Why should we have to? CV play is BORING!!! The game is War SHIPS, not War PLANES. You want to fly planes, go find another game.

  13. @One ANGRY CANADIAN Then maybe WG should listen to their own player base and remove the damn things.


    @Wolfshead009 lmao waaaa

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