Shikishima vs Yamato – World of Warships

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Here are 2 games, back to back. 1st with Shikishima and 3nd with Yamato.

I remember Shiki in testing being a monster. I had so much fun and amazing games in her, while not actually falling for Yamato.

Recently I’ve been playing Yamato a lot and we really click, but Shiki is such a disappointment.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Looks like Flambass is ready to fight in Grand Battles. Good Luck!

  2. Trenlass: I absolutely love the shikishima
    Flambass: I absolutely hate this ship

  3. Trenlass in Shikishima: I love this ship
    Flambass in Shikishima: I hate this ship!

  4. Bartol Bilankov

    We need Trenlass in Shiki vs Flambass in Yama 🙂

  5. Gustav Chambert

    To be fair to the shiki, you did not get a good broadside during that whole game.
    And I used to have games just like that one in my yama every now and then too, where the shells just went everywhere. I distinctly remember one where I shot four or five broadsiding cruisers at less than 12 km, and ended that game with no citadels and less than 70k dmg.

  6. I think the Shikishima just hates you, that’s why it doesn’t work for you alone.

  7. I start believing wargaming on that moment when they actually start fixing issues like that hindenburg player

  8. 10:02 – flambass turns Gollum – “dirty fat shikaseemases”

  9. Poor ‘mbino getting eye twitching due to stress xD

  10. I like how any ship Flambino doesn’t like or sucks in is automatically trash. Lol.

    • As time passes, I agree less and less with him.
      I remember when he went through a bunch of test ships a whiel ago. He came to the Harekaze II (Arashi at the time), spent lke 10 seconds looking at the ship, and he just dismissed it as grabage…
      The ship is actually good and fun…
      His loss, and everyone’s foolish enough to blindly listen to him.

  11. We need a 1v1 between Flambass in Yama and Trenlass in Shiki to deterine which ship is better XD

  12. Lol! Trenlass also seems unimpressed with some very strong ships too!😋

  13. flambass haves a bad game: lands in the middle
    Me have a good game: lands in the middle

  14. Trenlass does really really well in the Shiki. It’s his fav ship.

  15. “Yama’s a god.” ~ Flambass 2021. Spitting facts.

  16. Fussy battleship players crack me up

  17. 5:13

    Yamato: I give you 40k damage
    Shikishima: alright, then the best i can offer is no hit

  18. 510mm shells against carrier:
    Carrier “what shells? Weakness disgusts me”

  19. hahahahahahaha your face expression says it all on the 2nd battle at the begining.

  20. That face … that eye twitch … that’s me 1000%

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