Shimakaze 300k damage Kraken – World of Warships

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yamatotamura X Shimakaze
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  1. Small mistake – there is no Kraken -.-

  2. Are we gonna get more British Battleship replays? Loved the vid bro. 🙂

  3. Good game but where’s the Kraken??

  4. can i send a replay T10 german bb with 300k dmg?

  5. Now THAT’S the way to cook a torp soup!

  6. result good, process very boring

  7. 外周島風を量産しそうな動画やめちくり

  8. GG nice torps

  9. Boring gameplay. Perfect ship for loners.

  10. Costas Eco - Oikonomopoulos

    Good game, good setup with 12km torps and RPF on Shima

  11. If I was that Montana i’d be so happy to have 2 DD backing me up.

  12. Clickbait… No Kraken..

  13. Enemys BB are bot, no ?

  14. How is he able to zoom out when looking at his torps running????

  15. what torps are best for the shima?

  16. Natthaphong Wongwai

    got Liquidator that nice

  17. how to put that torp vision? pls help me

  18. Good result but boring to watch.

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