Shimakaze – 324.982 damage,3,4! World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. lol gay!

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    Ah, a desire for Kraken was very stronk

  3. 1 of two favorite destroyers

  4. Harugumo plsss

  5. is that it? half my shim games are like this.

  6. 3:44 at least shima tried to save you 😛

  7. non ho capito perche’ non ha usato lo smoke,comunque bravo

  8. The unassisted torp launches @10:59 were nice.

    I like that no one bitched when the Shimmy didn’t go straight to a cap or push to spot in hot areas. I always get whiners trying to push me into caps or “to find DDs”. Know your botes!

    I also liked that the captain didn’t use all 3 launchers at the same time. That gives you more options and flexibility.

  9. Fucking hell! Last ur ship is dath..

  10. So like…. what’s your Instagram ?

  11. Why would you get into a gunfight with a salem? Like really?

  12. Nice Radar Moskva fucking BOT …Master_Shiper you are shit

  13. why commit suicide at the end? ? player was doing so good

  14. So he didn’t know that he could not really damage Salem… Lol

  15. 14:13 his only mistake!!!

  16. There was no need to die against the salem near the end.

  17. 何で最後隠蔽保たんかったんだ?

  18. actually he just missed kraken

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