Shimakaze – 3260 Base XP 6 Kills 221K Close Game || World of Warships

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  1. What camo is that?

  2. Unlike the last Shima video posted on this channel, this player does Shima right with objectives in mind, unlike the recent video that had the player just travel the 2 and 9 line to the flank for farm battleships. This is how you play IJN Torpedo boats with use of your guns.

  3. Mysterious Nuclear object

    Very honorable I will report this glorious battle to emperor Yamamoto

  4. ProudPagan ProudPast

    Just subscribed dude . You are fucking awesome . Btw I am just 5k xp away to grind shima . What torp you use ? Please could you tell me if 20 km torp with TA is good ? Many thanks and fair seas !

    • ProudPagan ProudPast 20 km are far from viable, they are detected from the moon 🙂
      Use the 12km ones, trow TA if you need after 20 games till you get used to em, cause you gonna face many radar ships that are gonna radar you. It’s gonna be your decision after all. Just saying

    • ProudPagan ProudPast

      Dim Dim thanks for your input

    • This isn’t the poster playing, he records replays from other people. But for your questions the 20km torpedoes have ridiculous concealment (or lack of it), the 12km ones make the most sense, and the 8km is for lol 76 knots. Also you can just see his torp range from the circles on the minimap.

    • Unless you are very brave and risky, go for the 12km ones, the 20kms are useless.The 8 kms are crazy hard unless you are facing only bottom tier.Radars and planes make it too risky to go so close.

  5. Excellent player! –knows how to use his tools. –assertive. –aggressive. Most enjoyable!

  6. He should have gotten 100 more free exp just for being on the same team as the 7:00 Neptune.

  7. Did someone say Torpedo reload booster? ?

  8. A very good Shima captain indeed. Capping objectives while farming BB and CA in smoke. Nice engagement vs. enemy DD with amazing torp dodge. Smartly disengages from the last enemy DD knowing enemy would lose by points, unless sinking his last ship.

  9. So instead of the title being 6 caps shima, its 6 kills…….I see now even the players follow the bs that WG turned this game into which is dmg dmg dmg kills kills kills.Rewarding everything except the objective or teamplay ;pWP shima, pro and brave, you are one of the few shining ptfo stars 🙂

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