SHIMAKAZE 81 kn Torpedos for MEN with BALLZ of Steel =) World of Warships

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  1. That what ijn dd should be

  2. I wish my enemy would sail like this and not using hydro when I am using Shiratsuyu

  3. Holy crap, they are so fast. No way dodging these.

    • ctually, they are still easier to dodge than Z-52 Torps. You have a 8,3s reaction time against a 7,6s for Z-52s reaction. The thing is… the spread of a 6km torp is much better because you gotta be very close to send them. Unfortunately anybody that is aware enough just need to sail away and you will never hit those 8/6km torps =/

  4. I have played with 8km torps a few times and found them extremely powerful. But they are VERY dependant on favourable matchmaking.
    1) You need limited enemy radar cruisers in game
    2) The flank you are on needs to have a decent mix of capital ships willing to push up with you to take out any radar cruisers you spot.
    3) You ALWAYS have to know where radar ships are. You cant afford to make a mistake. For instance… if the radar ship spotting him was anything other that a Chapayev in this video he would have been dead…simply because of the short radar duration. He got close and got focused.

    You will have VERY satisfying games with 8km torps, but over the course of ten games it is not the best choice of torps for team play.

    12km torps allows you freedom to torp from stealth and at straight lining ships without being radared. You still have the ability to torp from 6km out when the situation calls for it because of your own concealment and the 12km torps deals 3k more damage each…while being 9kph slower. At 6km that speed difference doesnt make a difference really.

    • CarefulAtheist – These are not 8km torps, they’re 6.4km

    • Shima dont have 6.4 km torps
      20, 12 and 8. Thats it.
      20k have 2.5 detection, 12 has 1.6 detection and 8 has 1.7 detection

    • With torp acceleration the 8km ones become 6.4km iirc

    • True…but its not not native 6.4km torps. Even with torp acceleration on 12km torps you stand a better chance of being useful to your team in the long run as 9.6km sti;ll puts you in a danger zone, but easier to navigate out of if radared. At 9.6km range you have less than half a km to travel before radar range cant spot you, unless its a Russian CA spotting you, in which case it lasts less than 30secs.

  5. 150 km/h… yeah why not, what is hydrodynamic resistance anyway ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Monster game…..well done.

  7. Marius Schamrel

    That was brutal ! Now that Shima has gotten a concealment buff, one can easily increase the speed of the torps now and play at that 8km mark from your targets

    • Dominic Robertson

      the only issue will be getting so close that hydro or a plan might spot you

    • hydro can only do so much, usually it makes it so t10 BBs only end up taking 0-1 torpedoes instead of 3-4…..increasing the speed is only going to make it easier to hit targets that dont want to be hit.

    • Dominic Robertson

      I’m just thinking that with the concealment buff if you get close enough the entire ship may be spotted, not just the torps (which will still hit and hurt)

  8. Well that was over quickly



  11. Not for MEN with BALLZ of Steel… Its for Braindead + No Radar Ships in Enemy Team. It never works in Standard T-X Battles. Maybe for 1 or 2 rounds yeah…but thats all. Shima Torps need 75-80 Kn and 13-15 km Range in Modul slot 2. Plz WG Buff it…

  12. Even Cruise can’t dodge… Crazy

  13. shima always so hated 🙂

  14. try this at ranked, i will call you man with ball of steel

  15. Correct me if i’m wrong, but most if not all shimakaze epic match came from ignoring the cap.

  16. Not one aircraft GG

  17. Why would you promote an app that encourages people to download malware onto their phones and give their information to questionable sources? Just so you can make a buck with your invite code? I don’t understand the mindset. Why would you work so hard to build a following just to push malicious content on them?

  18. Here is a skilled player utilizing a daring tactic against not so bright opponents. The result will be an outcry from the BB community for a massive nerf as usual … and as usual Wargaming will listen and make torpedo DDs more or less useless again.

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